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Q: Was the little girl at the end of love and basketball Omar epps and sanaa lathans child?
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What was sanaa lathans name in love and basketball?

The actress, Sanaa Lathan, played the older version of Monica Wright who was the main female character.

Did sanaa and Omar had a child together?

Yes. The baby girl from live n basketball wss there real child

Does sanaa have a child?

no... probably not...

What was the girl named in love in basketball?

Love and basketball? The girl's name was Monica, guy was Quincy. She was played by Sanaa Lathan :) Great film!

What was sania lathan named in love and basketball?

Sanaa Lathan* played the older version of Monica Wright in the 2000 movie, Love and Basketball.

Who are the main characters in love in basketball?

Monica Wright played by Sanaa Lathan and Quincy "Q" McCall played by Omar Epps

What is the birth name of Sanaa Lathan?

Sanaa Lathan's birth name is Sanaa McCoy Lathan.

What is the birth name of Sanaa Younes?

Sanaa Younes's birth name is Sanaa Ali Younes.

Where is sanaa located?

Sanaa is the capital city of Yemen

Where is Sanaa?

sanaa (the best place ever) is in yemen

Is Sanaa Lathan married to Omar Epps?

AnswerThey was together for three years before epps broke up with her and got back with the mother of his child keisha from the group total.WRONGNo this is incorrect. He had a daughter previously. They were together for quite some time and he cheated. They broke up. Not sure if Kiesha is the cause but he is married now and Sanaa has a great life!

When was Sanaa Hamri born?

Sanaa Hamri was born in 1975.