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Q: Was the hawkeyes football team ever ranked 1st?
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When did the Iowa hawkeyes become a team?

1889. The Hawkeyes played their first ever football game on November 16, 1889 against Grinnell College, losing 24-0.

Where do the Hawkeyes football team play?

The Hawkeyes football team plays for the University of Iowa. The University of Iowa is located in Iowa City, IA. The football team's home field is Kinnick Stadium.

Has Arkansas razorback football team ever been ranked?

yes they have been ranked many times.

What university hosts the Iowa Hawkeyes football team?

The Iowa Hawkeyes football team is at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa. The team coach is Kirk Ferentz. The team play their home games at Kinnick Stadium.

What is Iowa's famous football team?

Iowa Hawkeyes and the Iowa State Cyclones are the two big names...

Where does Iowa hawkeyes football team rank in the last ten years?

Iowa ranks #1

Which school is home to the Hawkeyes?

The School that is home to the Hawkeyes is the University of Iowa. The website has the Athletics club listed as Baseball. However, each Football team contributes substantially.

Is the Arkansas razorbacks 2009 football team ranked?


Who are the best football team in hertfordshire?

Watford fc are the highest ranked football league team in hertfordshire.

How did Iowa get its nickname the hawkeye state?

the state's nickname is hawkeye state because the football team is Iowa hawkeyes.

Where could one find a copy of the Iowa footballl Schedule?

A copy of the Iowa footbal schedule can be found on the official site of the Iowa Hawkeyes football team. A hard copy should also be available at the Hawkeyes boxoffice.

Which country is the lowest ranked team in Euro 2012?

Poland are the lowest ranked football team in euro 2012 they automatically qualified as they are joint hosts with Ukraine