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No. According to most sources, the first item branded as a trampoline was made in Cedar Rapids in 1936.

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Q: Was the first trampoline made in Ohio?
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What was the first Trampoline made of?

Back hair off of really hairy men

Is there a jump street trampoline in Ohio?

No, there are no Jump Street parks in Ohio. They're only in Texas, Colorado, and Arizona.

What is the first trampoline?

the first trampoline was pure fun kidsfirst jumper trampolinethats the first one

Who invented the trampoline and when?

The first trampolines built was around 1934 made by George nissen and Larry griswold

Where were the first trampoline world championships held?

The first trampoline world championship was held in London, UK in 1964.

How do you spell trampoline?

That is the correct spelling of "trampoline" (equipment on which you bounce, for exercise or sport).

When was the first trampoline invented?

in 1936

Is it illegal to jump on a trampoline that is blue?

No, but the trampoline will have more fun if you put it in a good mood first.

Pronoun for trampoline?

There is no direct synonym for trampoline, the gymnastic bouncing device usually made with canvas and springs.

Was Angry Birds the first game made in space?

no it was made on the ground in Ohio

What is the cost for a 14 foot trampoline?

The cost for a 14 foot trampoline is about $200. This is the average cost for a brand new trampoline which is made by the brand "Pure Fun" and available on Overstock.

What was the first trampoline like?

bouncy hehe This actually is quite an interesting question, the first trampoline actually looked like a walrus skin. As the first trampoline was invented by the eskimos holding a walrus skin nice and taught and bouncing people up into the air.