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no, it is 43 ft...but high school and asa has been changed to 43 ft also

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Q: Was the distance from the pitchers mound to home plate been changed recently in womens college softball?
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How far is it from the pitchers mound to homeplate in the mlb?

Unless they've recently changed it, distance from the rubber to the center of home plate is sixty feet, six inches.

Has the pitchers mound ever changed distance?

Yes and it was 40 ft but now its 43 ft.

Distance from home plate to pitchers mound?

in high school, the distance was changed this year from 40 to 43 feet. this gives the hitters an advantage

What is the distance between pitchers mound and home plate in 10 year old softball?

Although the distance may vary between leagues and associations, the pitching distance in 10 and under modified or fastpitch softball is usually accepted to be 35 feet. This distance has changed in some national associations over the past few years, and you may find anything from 34-36 feet. This is measured from the back point of the WHITE part of homeplate (not the black part) to the front-middle of the pitching rubber.

How has the softball changed?

The color of the softball used to be white, but then they changed it to yellow with red stitches.

What is the pitching distance for girls fast pitch?

for 11-14 years old it is 40 ft for high school and 15u it is 43ft they just recently changed it to 43 feet because pitchers were getting injured when the ball cam straight back at them

Has the distance between home plate and first base ever changed?

Yes, there used to not be any set distance at all No, the distance between bases has not changed since major league baseball began in 1876. The distance between home plate and the pitchers mound changed several times before it settled at 60'6" in 1893.

What are 4 rules of softball that have been changed?

What are some rules of softball that have changed in the past 50 years?

How has softball changed since it has been invented?

well i have no idea

Why does the MLB pitchers bat in one league and not the other?

the rules in the American league changed

How softballs changed?

its changed from the amount of people who play it now than when they did in 1888, when softball was first invented. alot of the rules have also changed.

How far is the softball mound from home plate in college softball?

46 feet It depends on what age group you are in. 43 Feet it was just changed

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