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The Chicago Bulls were part of the Western Conference until 1980. The league shifted Chicago to the east after Dallas Mavericks was added in expansion.

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Q: Was the Chicago Bulls part of the Western Conference before?
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What division do the Chicago bulls play in?

The Chicago Bulls play in the Central Division in the Eastern Conference.

Which is a better team - Miami Heat or Chicago Bulls?

The Chicago Bulls......... but the Heat beat Bulls 1-4 in the eastern conference

What do the Chicago Bulls play in?

the NBA, Eastern Conference.

What sport do the 'Chicago bulls' play?

The Chicago Bulls play basketball. They play in the Central Division in the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association.

Who won out of Chicago and mami heat?

The heats won the east conference finals versus the Chicago bulls

What was the name before Chicago bulls?

The Chicago Lions

In what position did the Chicago Bulls finish in the 2005-2006 Eastern Conference Standings?


What conference has won the most NBA champonships the eastern or western?

The NBA Western Conference has won slightly more championships, 23 to the Eastern Conference's 21. Top teams on each side are the Los Angeles Lakers with 11 championships and the Boston Celtics and the Chicago Bulls both tied with 6.

Before the united center the Chicago bulls played in what stadium?

The Chicago Bulls played in The United Center only.

Why does obama like the Chicago Bulls?

He lived in Chicago before becoming president.

What is the name of the team that has the best regular season regular season record in the eastern conference?

Chicago bulls

Did Utah jazz ever win a championship?

The Utah Jazz won the Western conference championship in both 1997 and 1998 but got beat in the NBA Finals both times by the Chicago Bulls.

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