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He was for a short time during hte 2008 season.

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yes, he was actually the 25 pick in the first round by the Cavaliers in 2006

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Q: Was shannon brown on the Chicago Bulls?
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Which Team was Shannon Brown on before he came to the Lakers?

Chicago Bulls

What were all the teams that shannon brown played with in his career?

Cavaliers, Bulls, Bobcats, Lakers

Did randy brown win a championship with the Chicago bulls?

i think not

What is Chicago Bulls nickname?

The Bulls is the nickname of the Chicago Bulls team.

Did Chicago Bulls Mike Brown coach ever play in the all star game in Italy?

No, he did not.

Who is older Chris Brown or shannon brown?

Shannon Brown

Who found the Chicago bulls?

Pat Riley founded the Chicago Bulls.

What would be analogy of Chicago Bulls?

Chicago bulls : basketball::

When was Chicago Bulls created?

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Is shannon brown a twin?

no shannon brown is not a twin

Is Shannon Brown tall?

shannon brown is 6'4

What did Shannon Brown play for in 2006?

Shannon Brown was the 25th over-all pick in the 2006 NBA draft . He was chosen by the Cleveland Cavaliers and appeared in only 23 games . He was later traded to the Chicago Bulls where he played half a season and was traded to the Charlotte Bobcats . He was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers on February 7,2009 and has currently signed a two-year deal worth $4.6 million .