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Rugby Union

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Q: Was rugby union or rugby league invented first?
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Was rugby union or league invented first?

Rugby union was :) the rugby union club i captain is the oldest rugby club in the world

Where was rugby league first played?

Rugby League was first played in Northern England after separating from the Rugby 'Union'.

What is the name of the inventor of NRL?

no-one invented it. Rugby first began with rugby union, when a man in the town of rugby, England picked up a soccer ball and ran with. Rugby league is an offshoot from union when it divided due to class issues (union=upper class, league= lower class). NOTE: league=NRL

What was the name of the first welsh rugby union player to leave rugby union and go to rugby league and then back to rugby union?

The first player ever to do this was welsh ledgend Jonhathon Davies.

Which was first to France rugby league or rugby union?

The union code started in 1872 and was introduced by British merchants - league came in 1895

Does the rugby league erns better or rugby union?

rugby league

What was the name of the first welsh rugby league player to leave rugby league and go to rugby union?

1993 = Iestyn Harris moved from league to union. In the previous years most players moved from the Union code to league and then back again

Football - Australian Rules Rugby League Rugby Union?

Rugby league

Does London Irish rugby team play rugby league or rugby union?

rugby union

Who first made rugby league?

The Northern clubs of England were instrumental in breaking away from union and forming a Rugby League.

Are rugby league and rugby union played with the same number of players?

No. Rugby Union = 15 players Rugby League = 13 players

What Englishmen have been capped at Rugby Union and Rugby League?

Jason Robinson, winger or fullback both in rugby league and rugby union

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