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No, he was unmasked in WCW not WWE.

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Q: Was rey mysterio unmasked in the WWE?
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How did rey mysterio get unmasked in the WWE and who unmasked him?

He hasn't been unmasked in WWE that was WCW

How does rey mysterio look unmasked?

Rey mysterio looks cooler than any other wwe wrestler

Will rey mysterio quit after being unmasked by chris Jericho?

Rey Mysterio Was Unmasked by Chris Jericho. If Rey Mysterio Stays true to his word, he will return like he did when he was unmasked in the WCW, and Fight UNMASKED!

What happened to Rey Mysterio's face?

Nothing happened to Rey Mysterio's face. He wore a mask as part of his act as a WWE wrestler. He was unmasked in 1999.

Where can you purchase Rey Mysterio Unmasked?

There does not appear to be an official licensed video available of the 1999 unmasking of WWE performer, Rey Mysterio. However, the video is available on YouTube. There are also action figures of Rey Mysterio unmasked. These are available through collectors markets or eBay.

Will Rey Mysterio be unmasked by Kane?


Will rey mysterio unmask?

Rey Mysterio has unmasked multiple times before, and it is possible he will again.

Is rey mysterio still in WWE?

yes rey mysterio is still in wwe

Picture of rey myatirio unmasked?

Just google: rey mysterio unmasked He used to wrestle unmasked for years in WCW

When rey mysterio came to the WWE?

Rey Mysterio debuted in the WWE on July 25, 2002.

When was the last time rey mysterio was unmasked?

It was in 1999

What year was Rey Mysterio unmasked and why?

Rey Mysterio was unmasked on February 21, 1999. He and Konnan were defeated by Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. It was a 'Hair vs. Mask' match.

How is stronger on WWE Kofi Kingston or Rey Mysterio?

rey mysterio

Is rey mysterio going to raw in the WWE draft?

Rey Mysterio got drafted to RAW in the WWE Draft.

How many times has rey mysterio been WWE champion?

Rey Mysterio has never been WWE Champion.

Is Rey mysterio in TNA or WWE?


When will rey mysterio be back on WWE?

Rey Mysterio returned on july 16 2012

Why does Rey Mysterio does the 619 in the ring on WWE?

The 619 is Rey Mysterio's finishing move.

Where can you see rey mysterio with out his mask?

image search Rey Mysterio WWE on

What does rey look whithout his mask?

Rey Mysterio is young. I can't really describe him but he has alot of peircings. If you want to see him unmasked, go to youtube and type REY UNMASKED.

How many times has rey mysterio been unmasked?

Like 5.

Has Rey Mysterio ever been reveiled?

Yes, he was unmasked in WCW.

Where can you see Rey Mysterio without mask?

wwe rey mysterio takes off his mask

What nationality is WWE rey mysterio?

Rey Mysterio is of American nationality, although he is of Mexican descent.

Did rey mysterio left the WWE?