Was mike Scott married

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: Was mike Scott married
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Is Mike Scott of the Waterboys married?

No he was but now has a girlfriend the singer Camille O'Sullivan

What is Mike Scott's birthday?

Mike Scott was born on December 14, 1958.

When was Mike Scott born?

Mike Scott was born on December 14, 1958.

When was Mike Scott - sheriff - born?

Mike Scott - sheriff - was born in 1963.

How tall is Mike Scott?

NBA player Mike Scott is 6'-08''.

What NBA team does Mike Scott play for?

Mike Scott plays for the Atlanta Hawks.

When was Mike Scott - baseball - born?

Mike Scott - baseball - was born on 1955-04-26.

How much does Mike Scott weigh?

NBA player Mike Scott weighs 237 pounds.

What is Mike Scott's number on the Atlanta Hawks?

Mike Scott is number 32 on the Atlanta Hawks.

What position does Mike Scott play?

Mike Scott plays power forward for the Atlanta Hawks.

When did Dred Scott get married?

Dred Scott married to Harriet Robinson Scott in 1836

How old is Mike Scott?

Mike Scott is 52 years old (birthdate: December 14, 1958).