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Kane (glen Jacobs) is the real Kane he was also dr evil in wwe the first diesel in wwe/wwf you can see pictures of him just type in glen Jacobs on Google he was a wrestler back in the 80s and one who wrestled with hbk and undertaker hogan back when he wasnt Kane

AnswerYes, Kane has always been the same guy. AnswerYES, GLEN JACOPS HAS PORTRADE KANE SINCE HE DEBUTED Answerof course Kane was always the same. you think they would be able to find another 6,9 monster like Kane who would have the exact same body type? AnswerGlen Jacobs AnswerI don't think it is the same guy o_0

Look back at old videos of Kane. Even with his mask on, you can see that his eyes are a different shape. They're also a different colour, but the new Kane could be wearing contact lenses.

Also, when Undertaker unmasked Kane at SummerSlam 2000, Kane still had his hair when Taker had the mask. The new Kane acts like his hair was burnt off all along. Though this could just be for effect, I still find it funny how the writers could make that mistake. Steph should put the pen down and get back in front of the camera.

AnswerHas and always will be Glen Jacobs. A wrestler's appearance can change quite a bit over the years such as the Undertaker who has always been played by Mark Calloway. There's always the aging process, getting beefy, or that need to simply change their look that makes them look different.

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Answerthe Kane in the past looked shorter this ones much taller and inless he was on steroids he cant get any taller also Kane still weres a mask that's not his real face hes not that ugly AnswerKanes Height is 6ft 7 AnswerGLEN JACOBS WAS KANE ALL ALONG SINCE DAY 1! HE ALSO PLAYED THE EVIL DENTIST IN WWF AND ISAAC YANKEM AnswerGlen Jacobs has always portrayed KANE. When he frst appeared as Kane he wore 3" lifts on his boots to make him exactly 7' 0". His real height is 6'9" to 6'9 & 1/2" tall. He wore the lifts all the way up until he returned with the half exposed mask. From there he wrestled in boots which were only 2" lifts attached. Kane is always billed as being a seven foot monster. Although JR has said other times that he is 6'10", as well as saying he is a shade under 7' tall. However in numerous interviews he says himself that he is 6'9". Every once in a while he wears the old 3" lifts too. Recently he has been wearing them to be as close to Big Show's height as possible in their new tag team.


Kane was always played by glen Jacobs, I seen backstage clip of kanes hair gettin shaved off and them pullin his mask off.When Glen first played the gimmick Kane he was in shape and had huge muscles.He lost muscle mass after a while and got a little chubby. His eyes were not different he wore contacts on his right eye because for the storyline his right eye was burned or messedup from being burned. Kane was taller back then hes smaller now and that is his face cause i seen Kane's face nad Kane ain't ugly he wears a contact in his right eye.I seen Kane with his mask off when he had long hair he looks the same just with a beard and no contacts.


There's no way they're the same Kane. I have an old King of the Ring ppv on VHS & there's a clear difference. Height, muscle, skin tone, face shape. This Kane didn't have hair when he took the mask off. The mask had a wig to it and the original's was real hair because you can see it's clearly attached to his head unlike the Kane now. I should know because I saw the unmasking.


First I'd like to add I don't personally think they are two different people, however in response to other answers..Technically Mark Calloway hasn't always portrayed the Undertaker. Ted DiBiase 'hired' a fake Undertaker way back (I believe it was Brian Adams?), who originally fooled most people, until the real Undertaker came back and kicked his rear. Also for a short period of time there were two Kanes on RAW so, it IS possible to find another monster and throw a mask on him.

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Q: Was it the real Kane when he came back with his new mask?
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Is Kanes hair real when he came back to the WWE?

no it's a wig. in 2003 when he took off his mask it was a wig as well. but I think when Kane made his debut his hair was real back then

Is impostor Kane the real Kane?

The real Kane is a wrestler today in wwe named Festus andhe doesn't were a mask

Who is the real masked Kane?

The real masked Kane is Glenn Thomas Jacobs, the same person who is in WWE as Kane without a mask.

Will Kane bring his mask back?

hopefully not. because he looks like a real monster with out hairs. i do't think he'd bring back his dirty hairs and stupid mask.

When Kane had a mask was the hair attached to the mask?

No.When his hair looked smoth it was real hair but when it look puffy and dry it was a rig stiched on his mask.

What is inside of WWE Kane sack he caries around?

Mysterios mask next hell come out with a bag with mankinds mask then hurricanes mask then he'll reveal the real thing his. I hope or next there will be a boal of oatmeal in it ha

Who is Kane in real life?

Kane's real name is Glenn Jacobs.

What is the old Kane real name?

Kane's real name is glenn Jacobs

Why did Kane take his mask off?

In real life: A joint decision between WWE and Kane was reached, where it was decided that his character had become stale to the audience. Coupling that with Kane wanting to shave his head, it was originally Kane's idea to lose the mask. Travelling with the mask and having to go through the necessary make-up and removal of such, caused a lot of unnecessary hassle for Kane. He'd gotten older and didn't need it. WWE and Kane decided that removing the mask would make life easier for Kane and would freshen up his character. On TV: Eric Bischoff and Rob Van Dam decided that Kane was too negative and overly self-conscious. They worked together to implement a Mask VS World Championship match. If Kane lost the match, he would have to unmask. This obviously backfired as Kane went on a rampage beating jobbers left, right and centre, and inevitably ended up in a feud with Rob Van Dam, and later, the McMahons' (Shane, in particular).

What is Kane's real name from 99.5?

his name is Kane

Is the present WWE Kane the real Kane?


Is Kane the actual real old Kane?

The real Kane has always been Glen Jacobs. Imposter Kane was played by Drew Hankinson. Who is now Festus.

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