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Was ist goaltending beim Basketball? = What is goal-tending in basketball?

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Q: Was ist goaltending beim basketball
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Was ist ein Kettfaden beim Weben = What is a warp in weaving

What sport is goaltending illegal?


What is a illegal rejection in basketball?


If goaltending is illegal?

In basketball yes, in hockey no.

If a basketball is on the rim can you grab it?

no, that would be goaltending

If goaltending is illegal what sport is it?

If goaltending is illegal, the sport is basketball. If a player is caught doing this, he or she will likely force the game to be forfeited.

If goaltending is illegal what sport is being played?

ummm basketball

What is it when you interfere a shot on its way down in a game of basketball?


Basketball words that start with the letter g?

· goaltending · guard

Illegal interference with the ball when the ball is above the basket in basketball?


In basketball Are you allowed to knock the basketball before it goes into the ring?

No, that would be goaltending and the other team would get the point

What is interfering with a shot on its way down in a game of basketball?

Goaltending. The basket counts from where it was shot.

How is basketball now?

Basketball ist gut

What are some rules in basketball?

some rules in basketball are Back-court violation, Traveling, Goaltending, Out of bounds, Shot clock violation

Can an NBA defensive basketball player touch the net during a shot attempt?

No, this would be goaltending.

What is goaltending in basketball?

when someone shoots and a person on the other team hits the ball, when the ball is on the way down

If goaltending is legal what sport is that?

If goaltending was legal, the sport that it would be legal in would be basketball. Goaltending is when a defensive player misdirects the ball from going through the hoop when the ball is on its way down through the hoop. When the ball is on its way up to the hoop, it is legal to misdirect it. Also when the ball has hit the backboard of the hoop it is not allowed to be touched or misdirected, because that is also considered goal tending, and if goaltending was taken out of the game of basketball then players would be able to touch the ball when it is in the air whenever they would like, and there would most likely not be as high of scoring as their is in basketball today if it was legal.

What NBA player was responsible for the basketball rims being raised?

Wilt chamberlain he also was the cause of goaltending call.

What are the three different violations in basketball?

lane violation goaltending violation offensive interference defensive interference kicked ball violation

In basketball can a shot be blocked after a foul is committed or is this considered goal tending?

It can be considered a blocked if it is legal and all goaltending rules apply

Can you touch the basketball when it is in the cylinder?

An offensive player touch the ball when it is in the cylinder. If a defensive player touches it then, it is goaltending and two or three points are awarded.

In basketball what is the definition of a violation?

In basketball terms, a violation is the breaking of a rule that does not result from physical contact, except for charging. Examples of a violation are double dribbles, travelling, goaltending, and 24 second shot clock violation.

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