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Yes. He apparently was an accomplished athlete who enjoyed such activities as tennis, Wrestling and hunting.

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Q: Was henry viii interested in sports?
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Was King Henry VIII interested in politics?

All rulers need to be interested in politics. Henry VIII was no exception

Is Henry VIII a sports fan?


What sports did Henry viii achieve?

getting his women

Do did Henry VIII wrestle?

Henry VIII was very athletic when he was younger and enjoyed wrestling, tennis, hunting and many other sports.

What did Henry VIII like?

He liked sports and reading the classics

Did Henry VIII like?

He liked sports and reading the classics

What was Henry VIII most enjoyable sports?

Hunting, jousting, dancing and wrestling

Why was Henry VIII so interested in having a male heir?

Henry wanted a male heir so that the Tudor dynasty would carry on.

What sports was Henry VIII good at?

Henry VIII was a big sports fan in all sports. His favorite sport was Jousting, but he also enjoyed other sports like tennis, darts, bowling, and he even hunted.

Who was the father of queen Elisabeth 1?

King Henry VIII. Her mother was Queen Anne Boleyn.

What does viii stand for in Henry VIII's name?

VIII is 8 in Roman Numerals, which means Henry VIII was the eighth King of England to be called Henry.

What was Henry VIII's favourite sport?

Henry VIII loved jousting, hunting and Tennis. ______ While I did leave the last contributors answer on however, I believe the answer your teacher is looking for is wresting... Henry Vlll not only loved to watch wrestling he was also known to fight and often would win..