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Q: Was grant fox the leading point scorer in the 1987 rugby world cup?
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Who is south Africa's leading point scorer for rugby?

peter grant

Who is south Africa's leading point scorer in rugby?

Percy Montgomery with 893

Who is leading try scorer for a forward in international rugby union?

Colin Charvis of Wales.

Who is the top point scorer for the women's rugby world cup?

Grant Fox of New Zealand holds the record for most amount of points in a single Rugby World Cup, accumulating 126 points in the 1987 tournament.

Who is the highest point scorer in rugby league England?

its danny mcguire of leeds with 201

Who is the highest scorer on the Irish rugby team?

Ronan O'Gara

Top scorer for Scotlands rugby team?

Chris Paterson

Who is south Africa rugby teams top scorer?

Percy Montgomery

When was James Grant - rugby - born?

James Grant - rugby - was born on 1964-05-22.

When was David Grant - rugby league - born?

David Grant - rugby league - was born in 1956.

When was Grant Young - rugby league - born?

Grant Young - rugby league - was born on 1970-07-30.

When was Roddy Grant - rugby union - born?

Roddy Grant - rugby union - was born on 1987-01-31.