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Q: Was frank elton snyder pacheoa baseball player?
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What college did NBA player Elton Brand play for?

NBA player Elton Brand played for Duke.

How much does Elton Brand weigh?

NBA player Elton Brand weighs 254 pounds.

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How much money does Elton Brand make?

NBA player Elton Brand made $4000000 in the 2013-2014 season.

Who is Elton John's new keyboard player?

Kim Bullard.

What is Elton Brand famous for?

Elton Brand is a well known NBA basketball player with the Dallas Mavericks. He played college ball at Duke University. He was player of the year in 1999.

How old is Elton Brand?

Former NBA player Elton Brand is 39 years old (birthdate: March 11, 1979).

What NBA player wears 42 and has a converse shoe?

Elton Brand

What famous basketball player was born in peekskill ny?

elton brand

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What is the birth name of Elton Brand?

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What is the birth name of Elton Burkett?

Elton Burkett's birth name is Elton Gail Burkett.

What is the birth name of Elton Welsby?

Elton Welsby's birth name is Roger Elton Welsby.

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Elton JohnElton John

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Who is more rich Madonna or Elton John?


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