Was ea rugby 09 launched in SA?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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Electronic Arts (Creators of recent Rugby games like Rugby 03 - 08) have halted Rugby 09 altogether. Rugby 10 won't be released either due to the supposed "unpofitable gains" made by the Rugby market. This is actually a load of bulls*t accoding to 'The Australian' (Australian Newspaper) EA Sports created the previous Rugby games for a liitle under half a million (which is VERY small) which means they make millions of profit from Rugby franchise.

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Q: Was ea rugby 09 launched in SA?
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When will a rugby 09 come out on ea sports?

Rugby 09 was releaed in September of 2008.

When is Rugby 09 out in Ireland?

There is no EA Rugby 09 (which is what I think you're referring to), nor is there going to be a Rugby 10.

When will rugby 09 come out?

EA do not currently make a game of this every year and the next assured date would be Rugby 2012!!! This is because they would release in World Cup year (2011), named after the following year, as they did with Rugby 08. There will probably be at least one before then, but there is currently no signal from EA that they will make it for 2009. Unless EA start making a rugby game every year, the next one would unfortunately be 2010.

What consoles will EA rugby 10 be on?

EA won't be making a EA Rugby 10 but they will be making a EA Rugby 12 because it's after the 2011 World Cup and they will know what the groups,teams ,winners etc. etc. and I think it will be on PS3,XBOX360,WII,PSP,PC and PS2

Will there be a rugby 2011 on EA Sport?

Ea have not issued any plans for a release as yet.

What actors and actresses appeared in EA Sports Rugby 2001 - 2001?

The cast of EA Sports Rugby 2001 - 2001 includes: Tana Umaga

When will ea sport rugby 2009 come out?


Ea sports rugby 2010?

Rugby 2012, due out before rugby world cup in 2011. BY HB STUDIOS.

Will rugby 10 be out in August?

Sorry but yes. EA's director said that " doesn't create as much of an audience as Madden...". In other words rugby doesn't turnover a lot of money as some of the EA titles games.

Will ea sports release rugby 2010 on ps2?

They might but it is not likely

What are the release dates for EA Sports Nascar 09 - 2008 VG?

EA Sports Nascar 09 - 2008 VG was released on: USA: 2008

When is the next either 09 or 2010 coming out on ea sports?

oveous 09