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Q: Was didier drogba's goal the first corner kick for Chelsea or second corner kick on the UCL?
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Is the first corner kick or second corner kick that Chelsea used in scoring in the uefa final?

If you're talking about 2012 UEFA Champions League it was Chelsea's first corner of the game that they had in the 88'

Was it the first or second corner kick Chelsea use to score in the 2012 champions league final?


Chelsea vs burnley 09-10?

Chelsea 3 - 0 BurnleyBurnley's Martin Paterson wasted an early chance but Nicolas Anelka hooked in the opener just before half-time after Didier Drogba's square pass.Frank Lampard chipped in for Michael Ballack to head the second and Ashley Cole volleyed in a stunning third.

What team are better Chelsea or Nottingham Forest?

The better team is Chelsea by miles as Chelsea are playing in the top division while Nottingham Forest play in the second division.TRUE but i H8 Chelsea

What was the score of Chelsea inter millan?

Inter Milan beat Chelsea by 1-0 in the second leg of the champion league.

What actors and actresses appeared in Second Place - 2003?

The cast of Second Place - 2003 includes: Peter Barrickman as Paul Didier Leplae as Glenn

What is the name of a boxer's corner assistant?


When and where is Chelsea first and second game of 2012-2013 season will be play?

Wigan and the second is man city

Bobby Moore's second name?

He was Robert Frederick Chelsea "Bobby" Moore.

Which is the second richest club?

That would now be Chelsea behind Manchester city.

Is Cheshire wealthiest county in England?

No, it is the second wealthiest county after Chelsea/Kensington.

Who was Chelsea's second-choice goalie in the 2006-2007 season?

Carlo Cudicini

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