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yeah he was by defeating louthesz he became world champion in 1968

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Q: Was dara singh a world wrestling champion?
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When was dara singh a world champion?

29 May 1960

When was Dara Singh born?

Dara Singh was born on 1928-11-19.

What did Dara Singh do?

he did is he became a wretsler turned actor he became champion of the world by defeating louthesz of america in 1968 may 29th mubai india vallahbhai patel stadium

When was Vindu Dara Singh born?

Vindu Dara Singh was born on 1964-05-06.

What Indian actors is also known as Rustam-E-Hind?

I don't know which choices you were given, but I do know there was a famous Indian wrestling champion named Dara Singh, who was known by this name. He earned his fame in India for his defeat of Australian challenger King Kong on December 12, 1956.

Who acted roll of Hanuman in Ramayana by ramanand sagar?

Dara singh

Who was sikandar in sikandar e azam Hindi movie?

it was dara singh

Which of these personalities has also been known as 'Rustam-e-Hind'?

Dara Singh

Samson full movie in Hindi download?

Its casted by Late Dara Singh

What actors and actresses appeared in Guru Gobind Singh - 1998?

The cast of Guru Gobind Singh - 1998 includes: Pankaj Dheer Kulbhushan Kharbanda Girja Shankar Dara Singh

What actors and actresses appeared in Sultana Daku - 1972?

The cast of Sultana Daku - 1972 includes: Ajit Helen Saudagar Singh Dara Singh

What actors and actresses appeared in Pehli Jhalak - 1955?

The cast of Pehli Jhalak - 1955 includes: Anil Randhir as Chagan Shammi as Girja Kamalakant as Kedarnath Shivraj as Narayandas Pran as Pran Ratan Gaurang as Motorcycle Owner Jawahar Kaul as Chand Nand Kishore Kishore Kumar as Rajan Begum Para as Wrestling Referee Om Prakash as Jwalaprasad Raiseazam Dara Singh as Wrestler Dara Singh Roopa Verman as Roopa