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Q: Was basketball invented in kansas City Missouri?
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Was basketball invented in the city of nashvilletennessee or springfield Massachusetts or kansas city Missouri?

None of the three. It was in Lawrence, Kansas as a fitness game for school.

In what city was basketball invented?

Basketball was invented Kansas by Dr. Naismith, a professor at KU. The University of Kansas' basketball arena is named the Dean A. Naismith Fieldhouse.

Who invented the cherry picker?

Raymond Pittman of Kansas City, Missouri

What is the name of the large city that is in Missouri and located near the Missouri River?

Kansas City , go to google & theres a park in Kansas city that sits right by the River

What are the major sports teams in Kansas?

as far as I know, the Pro teams are Kansas City Royals (baseball), Sporting Kansas City previously know as Kansas City Wizards, and Kansas Coyotes (indoor football). The Royals and Sporting KC are Kansas City, Missouri teams.

Why is there a Kansas citie in Kansas and in Missouri?

Kansas City is in Kansas and Missouri because Kansas City is a rather large city; it is in Kansas but it crosses over the border and the larger part sits in Missouri, so it is considered a city in both Kansas and Missouri.

Which two states have cities named 'Kansas City'?

Missouri and Kansas both have cities named Kansas City.

What two states have cities named Kansas City?

To add on to Wiki User's answer, Kansas City, Kansas is located in Wyandotte county Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri is located in Jackson county Missouri. I know because I grew up on the Kansas side for most of my life.

Is Kansas City a capital or city?

None....Kansas City is not a state capital, it is just a city.There is a Kansas City in both Kansas and Missouri. The capital of Kansas is Topeka and Missouri is Jefferson City

What city does Kansas City play for?

Kansas City is a city in the state of Missouri. The professional sports teams based in Kansas City, Missouri, include the Kansas City Chiefs (NFL) and the Kansas City Royals (MLB).

How do you spell Kansas City Missouri?

That is the correct spelling of Kansas City (a city in Missouri, and a city of the same name in Kansas, just across the Missouri River from its namesake).

Two states have a city named Kansas City name the state that calls Kansas City as there capitol?

Neither... Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas are directly adjacent... with downtowns roughly 2 miles apart. However neither is a state capitol. The capitol of Kansas is Topeka, and the capitol of Missouri is Jefferson City.