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In western civilization Badminton came from a game called battledore and shuttlecock.

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Q: Was badminton ever called battledore
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What is a badminton racket called?

a battledore

What is a battledore?

A battledore is a racket used in the game of battledore, an early form of badminton.

Why is the game badminton called badminton?

Because when it was first played it in England it was played at badminton house. It was originally to be called battledore and shuttlecock

What is the forerunner of badminton?


What was Badminton called before it was named Badminton?

Badminton began in the mid-18th century when a net was added to the game called "Battledore and Shuttlecock". It was also called "Poona" as it was particularly popular in the town of Poona (now Pune). The game then became known as "Badminton Battledore" in about 1860 and then "Badminton" when played in 1873 at Badminton House.

Was badminton called battledore?

No it waz called baddairyton back in the late 1990's

Where was invented badminton?

BADMINTON was invented long ago; a form of sport played in ancient Greece and Egypt. Badminton came from a child's game called battledore and shuttlecock.

What is a battledoor?

A battledoor is an obsolete term for a battledore, a racket used in the game of battledore, an early form of badminton.

What equipment used in badminton?

Equipment used is badminton includes battledore and shuttlecock. While the tool for playing the badminton game is the racket. All badminton equipment is lightweight

Which game was formerly known as 'Battledore'?

A forerunner of Badminton, played with a shuttlecock and rackets

What are the two equipment or materials in playing badminton?

the battledore and shuttlecock and added a net

What is the meaning of badminton?

It is derived from the place where the game was played by British riches, Badminton House. The former name of the sport is battledore shuttlecock.

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