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i dont think so, they probably used rocks or something for the ball, no one really knows.

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Q: Was ancient lacrosse played using an enemies head as a ball?
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How was lacrosse played?

lax was played by indians, using heads as the ball and sticks with nets as the sticks

What are the origins of lacrosse?

Lacrosse was originally played by Indians, using small heads as the ball and a stick with a net tied on top. the net was called a "crosse"

Who was the founder of lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a native origin game, it was played to train for war,moarn a death, or honor a god. Lacrosse was first seen and documented by a french soldier who called it lacrosse because of them using sticks. The first person to make a club and might as well be the father of lacrosse was Dr. William George Beers.

Where could one acquire girls lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a game played by a team using a small rubber ball and a stick with a long handle called a crosse. It is physical sport with a fair amount of player contact so padding and defence mechanisms are always worn. Women's lacrosse is usually played at college or university institutes or alternatively there are community teams that one can join.

How did lacrosse originate?

Lacrosse was started by the iriqious first nations people in mikehawk and was used as war game. Lacrosse was invented by the Native Americans using sticks and a skull as the ball it was played as a spiritual game that was said to please the creator. one with b in front and r in backyes the metis enventid loccres

Identify this Famous team sport of Native American origin that is played using a small solid rubber ball and a long-handled racquet?


How do some animals protect themselves from their enemies by using their enemies mouth parts?

how do animals protect themselves from their enemies by using there mouth parts

Will you get better at using your left hand in lacrosse if you practice doing normal activities with your left hand?

yes, only to a certain point, then u would have to actually start using your left hand in lacrosse

What sports are played using a spherical ball?

baseball, basketball, and volleyball

What is lacrosse?

Lacrosse is a sport played around the world, originally this sport was played by the native Americans to settle tribal disputes seeing as how its better then thousands of their tribesman ding it was a much more humane way of settling situations, this sport is played by using sticks with nets on the ends of them, there used to pass the ball down to the opposing side of the field in hopes of making a goal.... the sport is a mixture of football hockey and soccer by most means.

What is the game Lacrosse?

The game of lacrosse is played with metal sticks with plastic heads and nets at the end of them. You play with a 5 oz. rubber ball. The object of the game is to shoot the ball into the opposing teams 6 ft. x 6ft. goal by only using your stick. The sport is very similar to hockey on land.

What kind of tape should you use to tape a lacrosse stick?

Regular athletic tape can be used on a lacrosse stick for taping down strings or marking hand positioning. If the lacrosse stick is broken, it cannot be fixed using tape.

Why is lax short for lacrosse?

It comes from using an X as shorthand for the word cross

What is the advantage of using a lacroose stick?

The advantages of using a lacrosse stick are a full extended grip and a net to cradle the ball

How are humans orangutans enemies?

humans are orangutans enemies because humans have been using them for skins

How do squid protect themselves from their enemies?

By using their tencles

How do stingrays kill enemies?

Using a stinger

Can you put Lacrosse Head in hot water to soften?

Yes, a lacrosse head can be put into hot water to soften the netting. Just be sure that the water is not boiling as it could either melt or weaken the plastic structure of the head. However, the best way to loosen the netting on a lacrosse head is to break it in by using it.

Is lacrosse the same thing as field hockey?

No, lacrosse is not the same thing as field hockey. In field hockey you use a stick with a curved base on the ground and hit it to your team mate, or you can dribble it up the field. The goal in field hockey is much bigger than a lacrosse goal. In lacrosse you throw and catch a ball using a stick with a net and you can run with the ball in you stick. Lacrosse is a much faster paced game too. In lacrosse you wear eye protection and a mouth guard, in field hockey you wear shin guards and a mouth guard. Both sports are really fun.

Ethnomusicologists study music as an aspect of culture by using which objects?

Ethnomusicologists study music by using instruments, pictures, and ancient writings.

What sports are played using a round ball?

There are many sports in which a round ball is used.They include, baseball, basketball, soccer, polo, water polo, volleyball, dodgeball, field hockey, golf, tennis and lacrosse.

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By using its tusks.

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The leaders of totalitarian states felt that using force against people and nations they considered their enemies was a good idea and they embraced the proposal.

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