Was alabaster heavy or light

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: Was alabaster heavy or light
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Can light be seen through an alabaster?

Actually no one can see light only it can create a sense of vision when it FALLS ON OUR EYE.Through alabaster light scatters and we sense the light through it.

Can you see light through alabaster?

Yes. It's sometimes used in windows. Google 'alabaster windows'.

What is a very fine stone that light can be seen through?

A very fine stone that light can be seen through is a alabaster. Alabaster is a quarried stone. It is white in color and translucent.

What properties are alabaster lamps known for?

Alabaster lamps are known for being very transparent and illuminate due to the Alabaster stone it is carved with. The properties of the lamp are known for spreading light softly and evenly.

How do you glue alabaster to alabaster?

Epoxy will glue alabaster to alabaster.

What is the for a translucent stone used in floor slabs?

Alabaster. :D

What is an alabaster box?

An alabaster box is a box made of alabaster (a mineral). To find out more about alabaster, please see this site:

What is the synonym for the word alabaster?

Synonyms: alabastrine, fair, ivory, light, pale, translucent, white

Where did the alabaster nudibranch get its name?

An alabaster nudibranch gets its name from the color which resembles alabaster marble.

Where is the Alabaster - Albert L. Scott Library in Alabaster located?

The address of the Alabaster - Albert L. Scott Library is: 100 9Th Street N.W., Alabaster, 35007 9172

What does alabaster pachyderm symbolize?

a alabaster pachyderm doesn't exist

Which syllable of alabaster is accented?

The first syllable of alabaster is emphasized.