Was aj lee spanked with a belt?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Yes, she got her buttocks spanked and grabbed by Layla.

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Q: Was aj lee spanked with a belt?
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Does AJ Lee have a tattoo on the back of her neck?

Apperantely yes. The tattoo is tally marks of the date AJ Lee first got her Divas Champion belt

Who is better aj lee or paige?

Aj lee

Is aj lee pregnant?

Aj lee is not pregnant.

What is aj lee's email?


Who hotter eve or aj lee?


What is WWE aj lee religion?

aj lee is a catholic

When was AJ Lee born?

AJ Lee was born on 1987-03-19.

Is aj lee form WWE a lesbian?

AJ Lee is married to Phil Brooks AKA CM Punk.

Does AJ Lee play video games?

AJ Lee plays video games.

What size shoe does aj lee wear?

AJ Lee is a kids size 2.

Who does cm punk like in WWE raw aj lee or aksana?

cm punk likes aj lee cuz aj is nice and sweet i told cm punk he said only aj lee in real life there friends but cm punk likes aj lee

How do you be a divas championship?

To become the Diva's Champion, you must beat the current Diva's Championship belt holder. Currently, AJ Lee is the WWE's Diva's Championship Belt holder.