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Affirmed won the Triple Crown in 1978.

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Q: Was affirmed a triple crown winner?
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Who was the most rencent triple crown winner?

The most recent American Triple crown winner was Affirmed in 1978.

Did Alysheba win the triple crown?

No the last triple crown winner was Affirmed 1978

Last triple crown winner?


Who was the last triple crown award winner in 1978?


Last triple crown winner in 1978?

Yes, that was Affirmed.

Who was the most recent Triple Crown winner?

Affirmed in 1978

Who was the last Triple Crown winner?

37 Years after Affirmed American Pharoah won the 2015 Triple Crown.

Who is last triple crown winner horse racing?

Affirmed in 1978.

When did Seattle Slew win the triple crown?

1977-he is my favorite Triple Crown winner Secretariat won it 4 years previous and Affirmed won the next year

How tall is the horse Affirmed?

Affirmed, Triple Crown Winner, was 17.1 hh. That's a lot of horse. Affirmed was born in Florida and went on the fame and fortune to win the most prestigious honor in the racing world, the Triple Crown. In his career Affirmed earned more than $2 million and was finally retired to stud.

What horse was the last triple crown winner?

Affirmed won the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont Stakes in 1978.

When was the last triple crown winner?

In 2015 American Pharoah won the Triple Crown, 37 years after Affirmed. in 1978.

What is a 1978 Kentucky Derby 2 dollar winning ticket uncashed worth affirmed last triple crown winner?


Who was the 1967 triple crown winner?

There was no triple crown winner in 1967.

Who was the fastest American horse?

There is no definite answer to this question. There have been many great American racehorses over the years, including the greats such as The Might Man o War who was "The Mostest Hoss ya ever did see," Secretariat, Triple Crown winner of 1973, Citation, Triple Crown winner of 1948, War Admiral, Triple Crown winner of 1937, Seabiscuit, Ruffian, Triple Tiara winner of 1973, Native Dancer, Kelso, Forego, Seattle Slew, Affirmed, and so many more.

Who did affirmed beat in the triple crown?


Sir Barton produced which Triple Crown Winner?

He sired no Triple Crown Winner.

What year did affirmed win the triple crown?


Last horse to win the triple crown?


Who rode affirmed in the triple crown?

Steve Cauthen

Who rode affirmed in triple crown?

Steve Cauthen

1923 champion winner in the triple crown?

There was no American, Canadian, English, or Irish Triple Crown winner in 1923.

Who won triple crown in 1967?

There was no winner that year.Citation won it in 1948,and there was not another winner til Secretariat in 1973.The 70's saw three winners,Secretariat,73,Seattle Slew,77,and Affirmed,78.

Did the horse Affirmed win Triple Crown?

Yes, in 1978

What horse won the last triple crown?

Affirmed in 1978