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NO...there was no David Hogan "officially" on the UK football team in 1968. I was on that team (I was a Jr) and I looked on the roster in the program for our 1st game in 1968 against Missouri (UK won 12-7) and there's no player by this name. As a side note, there were 5 "walk-on" players listed among the 65 varsity players on that roster, but that name was not one of them. We also had another 5 or so "walk-on" players that practiced with us, but they never dressed for games and were not listed on the roster. On the Freshman team in 1968 (freshman couldn't play varsity until 1972), there is a player named David Haydon (from Austin, TX) listed. But that's it. Hope this helps... Phil Thompson (email:

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Q: Was a student named David Hogan on the 1968 Kentucky Wildcat football team?
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