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Q: Was a college basketball game ever been played outdoors?
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Is there a NBA player that went to college but never played college Basketball?

The answer is no because then the NBA teams would ever have been this good.

In what building have the most college and NCAA tournament basketball games been played?

Municipal Auditorum in Kansas City

Is college basketball 09 on the PSP?

no, I have been doing research and it looks like there will not be any college basketball games coming out for the psp. I really wanted ncaa basketball also.

When was dunking a basketball made legal in college basketball?

Dunking was officaly banned in college basketball in 1967. The dunking ban was stopped in 1976 and dunking has been allowed probably forever.

Has there ever been a woman coach for college mens basketball?


How has basketball been adapted for different contexts?

Basketball has been adapted in a number of different ways for different contexts. For example basketball has been adapted to be played by people who are wheelchair bound.

What movie and television projects has Tubby Smith been in?

Tubby Smith has: Played himself in "ESPN SportsCentury" in 1999. Played himself in "Pardon the Interruption" in 2001. Played himself in "Rome Is Burning" in 2003. Played himself in "Kent Hrbek Outdoors" in 2004. Played himself in "Head Coach" in 2007. Played himself in "Minnesota Basketball: The Journey" in 2007. Played himself in "The Passing Game" in 2010.

Has college basketball always been without quarters?

yes it has always been divided into to halves

Has Syracuse ever been ranked 1 in men's college basketball?


Which college basketball teams has been number one the most?

University of Kentucky

How long has basketball been played for?

since 1996

What are indoor games played on?

Indoor games are played on many surfaces. Hockey can be played on ice or ice substitutes such as special types of plastic. Basketball is often played on wooden courts but has also been played on indoor concrete and a rubberized concrete mix. Sports that are normally played outdoors such as soccer, lacrosse and football are often played on turf. Turf is a form of artificial grass made of plastic woven on top of layers of rubber.

Is the Basketball a sport in the Olympics?

Yes, basketball has been played in the Summer Olympic Games since 1936 and was also played as a demonstration sport in the 1904 Games.

Who was the first black basketball player?

African-Americans have been playing College Basketball since the early 1900s. Determining, who was the very first is impossible but some of the those early names included Paul Robeson, Wilbur Wood, and Fenwick Watkins.

How many years has basketball been played?


What are some What are facts about basketball?

basketball has been played over 10,000 million times all over the world!

Do all NBA refrees have to be basketball players?

No way most of them have not played in the nba but been around basketball for their whole life

Has there ever been an ncaa college basketball coach to win a championship in division I II and III?

No i dont thank there has ever been

When was basketball included in Olympics?

It was included in 1904 but was not officially played until 1936. Men's basketball has been played every summer since 1936 whereas women's basketball made its first appearance in the Summer Olympics in 1976.

What year was basketball introduced to the Olympics?

Men's basketball was introduced in 1904 but not played again until 1936. It has been played in every Summer Olympic Games since 1936. Women's basketball was introduced at the 1976 Summer Games.

What movie and television projects has Bruce Pearl been in?

Bruce Pearl has: Played himself in "Pardon the Interruption" in 2001. Played himself in "Rome Is Burning" in 2003. Played Himself - ESPN College Basketball Analyst in "Mike and Mike in the Morning" in 2005. Played himself in "Sports Unfiltered with Dennis Miller" in 2007. Played himself in "Head Coach" in 2007.

What caused the infamous college basketball scandals?

Your question is very broad because there have been several types of "infamous" college basketball scandles. Players who were implicated in points shaving with gamblers is probably what you have in mind. There have also been infamous scandals involving false high school and junior college transcripts (see UNLV, among MANY other schools), and felony crimes.

Who played basketball through the years?

Everyone who's ever played has been subject to the relentless march of time.

Is basketball the only sport Larry bird played?

While Larry Bird may have been a fan of other sports, most biographies about him say that he gravitated towards basketball as a kid, and continued to focus entirely on basketball throughout his athletic career-- in high school, college, and the NBA. There have been a few basketball players who tried to play other sports (for example, Michael Jordan tried to become a pro baseball player, but his efforts were unsuccessful); however Larry Bird decided at a young age to make basketball his life, and that is what he did-- first as a player, and then as a coach.

What was the original number of basketball players on each side?

I think basketball has always been played with 5 members of each team on the court.