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Yes. Wade Boggs was the only Hall of Famer who played a part of his career with the Tampa Bay Rays.

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Wade Boggs Hall of Fame 2005

Yes. Wade Boggs was Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame as Player in 2005

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Q: Was Wade Boggs the only Tampa Bay Ray to ever make the Hall of Fame?
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What uniform did Wade Boggs wear while being inducted into the Hall of Fame?

In 2005, Wade Boggs represented the Boston Red Soxwhen he was inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame.

When did wade boggs retire?


Have anybody on the Tampa Bay rays team got to go into the hall of fame?

Yes one person. Wade Boggs who was a former Boston Red Sox player and Yankees player it his 3000 hit in Tropicana Field.

What number did Wade Boggs wear for the Tampa Bay Rays?


In 1986 game seven ALCS how many hall of fame players played?

Wade Boggs of the Red Sox and Reggie Jackson and Don Sutton of the Angels.

What is the birth name of Wade Boggs?

Wade Boggs's birth name is Wade Anthony Boggs.

Who wore number 12 on the Tampa Bay Rays?

The number is retired in Tampa Bay for Wade Boggs. He played the final two seasons of his career in Tampa. Wade went to high school in Tampa and currently lives in the area.

Will Dwyane Wade make the hall of fame?

If he continues at the rate he is playing, he should make the hall of fame

Is Tommy boggs and wade boggs the same person?

No. Tommy Boggs and Wade Boggs are two Different ballplayers.

Does Wade Boggs have a brother Mitchell Boggs?

Wade Boggs does not have any siblings. He was born in Nebraska. He and his wife Debbie, however have two children named Brett and Megann.

When was Wade Boggs last game?

August 27, 1999 for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays against the Cleveland Indians. Boggs went 0 for 3 with a walk.

What is Wade Boggs's birthday?

Wade Boggs was born on June 15, 1958.