Was Virginia tech ever in the sec?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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The SEC was established in 1933. At the time, VaTech played in the Southern Conference. They played in the Southern Conference until 1964, were an independent between 1965-1990, in the Big East between 1991-2003, and have been in the Atlantic Coast Conference since 2004.

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Q: Was Virginia tech ever in the sec?
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What is Virginia Tech Hokies record vs sec teams?

Following the 2011-12 college football season, Virginia Tech is 27-50-5 vs. teams currently in the Southeastern Conference (SEC) according to

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yes they won the sec championship and went to the sugar bowl and beat Virginia tech

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Virginia tech and Texas, as of 2010 season.

Will Georgia Tech ever rejoin the SEC?

Absolutely not. The ACC is consistently undervalued, but has a lot of great teams. With the addition of Miami, Boston College, and Virginia Tech, it is a conference that no one will take lightly. The only ways I see Georgia Tech leaving is if the the ACC were to not retain the automatic BCS bid or if the BCS is reconfigured to a playoff system. I took a look at the record for this year, and by my count the ACC is 6-4 vs the SEC. (Could be 7-4 after the Chic-fil-a bowl)

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The Georgia Bulldogs have won more SEC football games than Georgia Tech because Georgia Tech is in the ACC, not the SEC Actually Geogia Tech used to play in the SEC, before Bear Bryant screwed it up.I do not know who has more SEC wins, yet Ga. Tech has more overall Conference(SEC and ACC) and more Nat. Champ. than Georgia.

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Zero, because Ga Tech is not in the SEC. Wrong!! Ga. Tech used to play in the SEC, don't try to answer if you don't know what your talking about! Georgia Tech has won 5 SEC Champ. before Bear Bryants ignorance of what the first part of STUDENT-Athlete caused Ga. Tech to move to the ACC.But, overall Ga. Tech has 16 Conference Champ.

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Virginia Tech did win yesterday.

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