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Q: Was Vince Lombardi ever in the military service?
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Who was the best coach ever for the packers?

The best coach in Packers history is Vince Lombardi.

Who keeps the Vince Lombardi trophy when a team leaves a city?

The Club/Franchise/Team or waht ever you want to call it. The Colts brought their Lombardi Trophy with them when they moved from Baltimore to Indianapolis.

Who is the best NFL coach ever?

Vince Lombardi from green bay packers and tom couthlin from the new york giants.

How is a league championship trophy named after Vince Lombardi worth more than a league championship that Vince Lombardi himself brought home to the Green Bay Packers?

It's not! A Superbowl victory is worth equal or less than any of the league championships that were ever earned by the Green Bay Packers.

Did Hitler ever serve in an military service?

World war 1.

Did Barack ever join the army?

US President Barack Obama has no military service

Did heydrich ever serve in any military service?

(German Navy) in 1922.

Will vince McMahon ever buy tna?

I bet Vince would if it was ever for sale(which hopefully isn't anytime soon!)

Was Vince McMahon ever indicted?


Did winning teams in the super bowl ever get a trophy?

The winning team of the Super Bowl receives the Vince Lombardi Trophy. The franchise that wins the trophy typically maintains ownership of it, while the players receive super bowl championship rings to commemorate the occasion.

Will Vince McMahon ever own TNA wrestling?


Have teammates ever won the Heisman and Lombardi Trophies in the same year?

Cam newton won the heisman and Nick fairly won the Lombardi trophy in 2010 for the auburn tigers