Was Trace Atkins shot

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Q: Was Trace Atkins shot
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Is Rodney Atkins related to Trace Atkins?

No, Trace's last name is really ADkins and Rondney's is ATkins.

Is trace Atkins bipolar?

Yes, and dangerous. His ex wife shot him in 1994, and he is about to " go postal ", in our humble opinion

Is Trace Atkins related to Chet Atkins the guitar legend?

it is Trace Adkins and Chet Atkins sorry they are not related as they have different last names the same as Rodney Atkins is not related to Trace Adkins Sorry to contradict, but Chet's last name is Atkins. FriPilot

Is it Trace Atkins or Trace Adkins?

this utterly gorgeous mans name is trace adkins.

Has trace Atkins ever been shot in the heart?

Yes and survived - shot in the heart and lungs by his second wife. Adkins denies abusing her but comments that the relationship was marked by excessive alcohol use and she shot him to get free of him.

Dose Trace Adkins use a stage name?

Trace Atkins, like many other Country singers, does not have a stage name. He only uses his real one, Trace Darrel Atkins.

Does Trace Atkins have children?

Yes in fact Trace Atkins does have children he has a little girl who is six that is why he played on the Celebrity Apprentice...for her. Trace Adkins (with a d, not a t) has 5 daughters and two grandchildren

Do you think Trace Atkins has a hot-sounding voice?

No way

Where is trace Atkins from?

Trace Adkins was born in the state of Louisiana. He is an actor, country musician, and father to five girls.

Who sings the song hillbilly bone?

Blake shelton and trace Atkins helps him sing the song

Is Toby Keith doing a tour with Trace Atkins this year?

yes..they are at Fiddler's Green tonight in Englewood, CO..

Who is the maid in Trace Atkins music video 'Marry for Money'?

Patricia Kara (Deal or No Deal model #9)