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Q: Was Tom Harmon a college football coach?
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Is tom harmon alive?

Tom Harmon the Football player died in 2000

Who was mark harmon father?

Tom Harmon and Elyse Knox Father Football Hero and mother an actress.

What actors and actresses appeared in Football Fanfare - 1946?

The cast of Football Fanfare - 1946 includes: Felix Blanchard as Himself - Army Football Player Tom Harmon as Himself - Michigan Football Player Ed Herlihy as Commentator Knute Rockne as Himself - Notre Dame Football Coach

Who is the penn state football coach?

Coach Joe Paterno

Who is Tom Bradley?

Tom Bradley is an American Football coach, and he was born in 1956

Who was Tom Dempsey's football coach?

Type your answer here... Vince Lambardo

When was the coach Tom Cable born?

American football coach Tom cable was born on November 26, 1964 in Merced California. He is the assistant head coach of the Seattle Seahawks of the nfl.

When did Tom Harmon die?

Tom Harmon died on 1990-03-15.

When was Tom Harmon born?

Tom Harmon was born on 1919-09-28.

Where did Tom Coughlin coach before the Giants?

he was a head coach at Boston College and then for the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL.

Who did tom coughlan coach before NFL?

Tom Coughlin's college coaching career: 1969: Syracuse - graduate assistant 1970-1973: Rochester Institute of Technology - Head Coach 1974-1975: Syracuse - quarterback coach 1976-1980: Syracuse - offensive coordinator 1981-1983: Boston College: quarterback coach 1991-1993: Boston College: Head Coach

Who is the Rutgers QB in College Football?

Tom Savage