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No he was 12 in high school, 10 in college, and is 12 in the NFL.

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Q: Was Tom Brady of the NE Patriots ever number 16 in his career?
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Did Tom Brady play for the lions?

No, Tom Brady has only ever played with the New England Patriots

Did Tom Brady ever play for the Oakland Raiders?

Yes, Brady was selected in the NFL draft by the Patriots in 2000 as has played for them his entire career.

Who's the best football player ever?

According to the NFL the top football player is Tom Brady. Tom Brady plays quarterback and is ranked number 1 on the NFL. Tom Brady plays for the team known as the Patriots.

Has Tom Brady ever had a undefeated season?

Yes. In 2007, the Patriots finished 16-0.

What does Tom Brady play?

Tom Brady is well known for the amazing talent he brought to the New England Patriots. He plays for the patriots as their Quaterback :) he's brought them 3 superbowl wins, and has won MVP twice since he was first drafted to the patriots in 2000. He was picked in the 6th round, place 199, and yet he has turned out to be one of the best QB we have ever seen.

What teams did Tom Brady play for?

Tom Brady has played for the following teams: College: University of Michigan (1996-1999) Professional: The New England Patriots (2000- Present; Drafted by the Patriots in round 6 in 2000)

What position does Tom Brady play?

Tom Brady was a catcher when he played in high school

Will Tom Brady ever leave the patriots?

Pats fans hope he never does. I think the only thing that would cause him to consider leaving is if Bill Belichick leaves.

Who scored the highest number of goals ever in their career in football?

Stephen Mamabolo

Who was the first draft choice ever for the New England Patriots?

That would be running back Ron Burton out of Northwestern University. Burton played 5 seasons with the Patriots and had career totals of 1536 rushing yards on 439 attempts and 111 pass receptions for 1205 yards. He scored 8 career rushing TDs, 9 career pass reception TDs, and 1 TD on a return of a missed field goal. He still holds the Patriots record for the longest return of a missed field goal (91 yards).

Why did the patriots have better leaders?

because loyalists do what ever the king says and the patriots agree with the rulers and compermize? because loyalists do what ever the king says and the patriots agree with the rulers and compermize?

The New England Patriots are the best NFL team ever?

Yes, the New England Patriots are the greatest NFL Team ever.