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No, Tim Brown joined the Raiders for the 1988 season. Super Bowl XVIII was the championship game for the 1983 season.

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Q: Was Tim brown on the raiders win they won Super Bowl xviii?
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What is the name of the team who won Super Bowl XV and XVIII?

The Raiders The Oakland Raiders won Super Bowl XV and the Los Angeles Raiders won Superbowl XVIII

How many super bowl rings does howie long have?

Yes, he was a member of the Raiders that defeated the Redskins in Super Bowl XVIII.

Who did the Raiders beat in Super Bowl XVIII?

Washington Redskins

Super Bowl XVIII who was the Raiders quarterback?

Jim Plunkett.

Who was the Quarterback for Raiders Super Bowl XVIII win?

Jim Plunkett

Who was the Super Bowl mvp in 1984?

1984 Super Bowl XVIII MVPThe winner of the MVP Award for the 1984 Super Bowl XVIII was Los Angeles Raiders running back Marcus Allen.

How many Super Bowl rings did Marcus Allen win?

One, with the Raiders in Super Bowl XVIII when they defeated the Washington Redskins 38-9.

Who played Super Bowl XVIII?

The Washington Redskins and the Los Angeles Raiders.

Who was the mvp in the Super Bowl XVIII?

Marcus Allen of the Los Angeles Raiders.

How many times did the Oakland Raiders win the super bowl?

3 times. Super Bowl XI XV XVIII

When did joe thiesman get his Super Bowl rings?

Theismann was the starter for the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XVII against the Dolphins and Super Bowl XVIII against the Raiders. He won his ring in Super Bowl XVII as the Redskins defeated the Dolphins 27-17. The Raiders defeated the Redskins in Super Bowl XVIII 38-9.

Did Barry maniilow ever sing the national anthem at a super bowl?

Yes, that was Super Bowl XVIII between the Raiders and Redskins.