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yes he was

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Q: Was Terrel Owens on the Philadelphia Eagles team in 2004?
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Was terrell Owens playing with eagles in 2004?

Yes, TO played for the Eagles in 2004 and 2005.

What are the release dates for The Story of the 2003 Philadelphia Eagles - 2004?

The Story of the 2003 Philadelphia Eagles - 2004 was released on: USA: 20 July 2004 (DVD premiere)

Where did Terrell Owens play football before going to the Eagles in 2004?


What actors and actresses appeared in The Story of the 2003 Philadelphia Eagles - 2004?

The cast of The Story of the 2003 Philadelphia Eagles - 2004 includes: Brian Westbrook as Himself - Running Back

What was the Philadelphia Eagles record in 2004?


Which Philadelphia Eagles receiver wore jersey number 87 in 2004?

Todd Pinkston ... he wore #87 for the Eagles from 2000-2004.

Who was the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback in 2004?

Type your answer here... Donovan Mcnabb

What NFL teams has Terrell Owens played for?

1996-2003: San Francisco 49ers 2004-2005: Philadelphia Eagles 2006-2008: Dallas Cowboys 2009-2010: Buffalo Bills 2011:Cinncinati Bengals

Did The Eagles Win The 2004 Super Bowl?

No, the Philadelphia Eagles lost to the New England Patriots 24 - 21.

Who does Terrell Owens play for in the NFL?

San Francisco 49ers - 1996-2003 Philadelphia Eagles - 2004-2005 Dallas Cowboys - 2006-2008 Buffalo Bills - 2009-2010 Cincinnati Bengals - 2010-2011 Free Agent - 2011-now

What was the eagles record in 2004?

the Philadelphia Eagles were 7-9 this year

When was the last time the eagles were in Super Bowl?

The last time the Philadelphia Eagles were in a Superbowl was in 2004. Eagles v.s. Patriots, Patriots won 24 to 21.