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Super Bowls were held in January from 1967 to 2001 and again in 2003.

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Q: Was Super Bowl ever in January?
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Has there ever been a shutout in the Super Bowl?

No. As of February 2014, and Super Bowl XLVIII, no team has ever been shutout in the Super Bowl. The fewest points scored in a Super Bowl was 3 in Super Bowl VI by the Miami Dolphins who lost to the Dallas Cowboys 24-3 in January, 1972.

Has there ever been a Super Bowl in January?

Yes, it typically has been in the past.

Has the Super Bowl ever been played in the month of January?

Yes, the Super Bowl was played in January until Super Bowl XXXVIII (with the exception of Super Bowl XXXVI, which was played in February due to being postponed by the September 11 attacks). Since then, it has always been played in February.

Have the Atlanta Falcons ever won a Super Bowl?

No, the Atlanta Falcons have never won the Super Bowl. They have one apperance in a Super Bowl, losing Super Bowl XXXII to the Denver Broncos 34-19 on January 31, 1999.

When was the Super Bowl in 2001?

The Super Bowl played in 2001 (Super Bowl XXXV) was on January 28.

What year did the Dallas Cowboys win a Super Bowl?

Super Bowl Championships (5) 1971 season, 1972 (Super Bowl VI) January 16, 1972 1977 season (Super Bowl XII) January 15, 1978 1992 season (Super Bowl XXVII) January 31, 1993 1993 season (Super Bowl XXVIII) January 30, 1994 1995 season (Super Bowl XXX) January 28, 1996

What year did Emmitt Smith win the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl XXVII (January 31, 1993), Super Bowl XXVIII (January 30, 1994), and Super Bowl XXX (January 28, 1996), all with the Dallas Cowboys.

Was the Super Bowl ever held in Foxboro?

No, the Super Bowl has not ever been held in Foxboro.

When is the Super Bowl 48?

the Super Bowl 48 is on January 27, 2013

What year was the last Super Bowl played in January?

Super Bowl XXXVII.

Which Super Bowl was the most popular Super Bowl ever?


Who has a Super Bowl ring?

anybody who has ever won a super bowl

Have the Pittsburgh Steelers ever lost the Super bowl?

Yes, they did. The Steelers lost 27-17 on January 28, 1996 to the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XXX.

Has there ever been a Super Bowl hosted in Michigan in the last 6-8 years?

Super Bowl XL was hosted at Ford Field in Detroit in January 2006.

How many Super Bowls did the forty niners win in the eightys?

Three ... the 49ers won: 1) Super Bowl XVI - January 24, 1982 2) Super Bowl XIX - January 20, 1985 3) Super Bowl XXIII - January 22, 1989 4) Super Bowl XXIV - January 28, 1990 5) Super Bowl XXIX - January 29, 1995

Where was 1964 super bowl played?

The Super Bowl did not exist in 1964. The first Super Bowl was January 15, 1967.

Has a rookie quarterback ever gone to the Super Bowl?

No rookie quarterback has ever gone to the Super Bowl.

Was the super bowl ever been won in over time?

No super bowl has ever went to overtime.

Did a women ever play a game in the Super Bowl?

No women ever played in a Super Bowl game.

Have Arizona ever been in Super Bowl?

The Cardinals' first Super Bowl is Super Bowl XLIII in 2009.

Was there a Super Bowl game in 1952?

No, the first Super Bowl was played in January of 1967.

Which Super Bowl was in 1993?

Super Bowl XXVII was played January 30, 1993.

When was the Super Bowl started?

The Super Bowl was first played on January 15, 1967.

When was Super Bowl 32?

Super Bowl XXXII was played on January 25, 1998.

Have the Browns ever won a Super Bowl?

They have never won a Super bowl.