Was Shawn Johnson euthanized

Updated: 9/27/2023
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No. "The Onion," a news report that comes in various mediums that is dedicated to satire, publishes various, false articles and, apparently, videos, making fun of people for silly things. In this case, the rumor about Shawn Johnson being euthanized began because there were stories published by "The Onion" that likened Johnson to a racehorse, reporting that since she broke her leg her career was ruined and there wasn't any reason for her to live. (It's sort of a cultural joke that racehorses are simply money-makers to their trainers and that when their careers cannot continue they are useless.) Even the word "euthanized" refers to animals, since it's usually used in the context of putting an old or sick dog or cat to sleep, and not humans. So don't worry! It's not true.

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No, right now she is training in her hometown for a possible shot at the 2012 Olympics. she is not dead. shawn johnson is a perfect gymnastics player

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Q: Was Shawn Johnson euthanized
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