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No. The first African-American woman to win a Wimbledon singles title was Althea Gibson, who won back-to-back championships at the All-England Club event in 1957 and 1958.

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Q: Was Serena Williams the first black tennis player?
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Name played tennis the black females who plays tennis?

Serena Williams and Venus Williams

Who is the top black female tennis player?

A list of female African American tennis players that are ranked will most likely include the Williams Sisters, Venus and Serena. Throughout history, other ranked female tennis players that are African American have included Althea Gibson, Ora Washington and Zina Garrison.

Who was the first black woman to win a major tennis championship?

My idol, Serena Williams was the first black woman to win a major tennis championship.

Why should people learn about Serena Williams?

you dont really have to learn about her but shes a very famous professional tennis player and i bet its for black history month

When did the first black female vote in the US?

serena williams

First black woman to win Australian Open?

Serena Williams

How did Serena Williams contribute to tennis?

Venus Williams is a female tennis player (born June 17, 1980) who excelled in, if not dominated the sport for much of the 2000's, and played competitively into the following decade. She was three times ranked #1 woman player in the world (the first black female to attain that ranking) winning 21 Grand Slam events. Ironically, her sister Serena (a year younger) became even more successful, and the two were often paired in doubles, winning more than a dozen Grand Slam doubles titles (including 3 of 4 in 2009).

Who is an African American female tennis player?

Modern stars Venus and Serena Williams have certainly carved their names into the record books. But credit should not go unmentioned to Althea Gibson, the first African American woman to really break down the boundaries in an era where black athletes struggled for acceptance and recognition. Once allowed to compete she won repeatedly including the singles and doubles championship at Wimbledon.

Who were the 3 black women to win Wimbledon?

The three black women that won Wimbledon include: * Althea Gibson * Serena Williams * Venus Williams

What is the voice Serena Williams play in Avatar the Last Airbender?

She voiced Ming in the "Day of the Black Sun" episode .

Who won the women's Australian Open in 2007?

Women's Singles: Serena Williams Women's Doubles: Cara Black and Liezel Huber

Who is Jason Williams?

a black nba player