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Q: Was Roberto Clemente the first Hispanic major league baseball player?
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Who is the first hispanic elected into the major league baseball hall of fame?

Roberto Clemente

Where did Roberto Clemente go to college?

Roberto Clemente did not attend college, he started playing Major league baseball at the age of 20

How long was Roberto Clemente in Baseball?

Roberto Clemente's major league career spanned 1955-1972, all with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

What is all the sports Roberto Clemente played?

Major League Baseball

What team did Roberto clemente play in?

Roberto Clemente played his entire Major League Baseball career with the Pittsburgh Pirates, from 1955 to 1972.

What awards did Roberto Clemente win?

Baseball player Roberto Clemente won the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the National League MVP award. Roberto Clemente played for the Pittsburgh Pirates for 18 seasons.

Where did Roberto Clemente go to college or did he even go?

According to Baseball Almanac, Roberto Clemente did not attend college. He began his major league career at the age of 20.

When was Roberto Clemente's debut?

Roberto Clemente made his Major League debut on April 17, 1955 with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

In what year did Roberto Clemente win the league MVP Award?

Roberto Clemente won the 1966 NL MVP Award

How many years did Roberto Clemente play in the big leagues?

Roberto Clemente played 18 seasons all for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He played from 1955 to 1972 and was inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame in 1973.

How many medals did Roberto clemente win?

Roberto Clemente AwardsRoberto Clemente won the 1966, and 1971 National League MVP Award, and he won the 1971 Babe Ruth Award.

How old was Roberto clemente start playing baseball?

Probably very youg..however, Clemente was 20 years old when he made his Major League debut with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

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