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I always believe that Baseball is won with pitching. Therefore I think Juan Marichal should be considered alongside Clemente, but obviously this in no way diminishes Clemente's impact on the game.

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Q: Was Roberto Clemente the first Hispanic major league baseball player?
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Who is the first hispanic elected into the major league baseball hall of fame?

Roberto Clemente

What team did Roberto clemente play in?

Roberto Clemente played his entire Major League Baseball career with the Pittsburgh Pirates, from 1955 to 1972.

What awards did Roberto Clemente win?

Baseball player Roberto Clemente won the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the National League MVP award. Roberto Clemente played for the Pittsburgh Pirates for 18 seasons.

Did Roberto Clemente go to college?

According to Baseball Almanac, Roberto Clemente did not attend college. He began his major league career at the age of 20.

Who was the first Hispanic baseball Hall of Fame inductee?

That was Roberto Clemente of Puerto Rico who was inducted, posthumously, in 1973. Actually, Ted Williams was the first Hispanic baseball player inducted into the Hall of Fame, when he was elected in 1966. Williams' mother was born in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

When was Roberto Clemente's debut?

Roberto Clemente made his Major League debut on April 17, 1955 with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

When was the last baseball game Roberto clemente played?

Roberto Clemente's major league career spanned 1955-1972, all with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

When was Roberto Clemente Award created?

The Roberto Clemente Award is given annually to a Major League Baseball player selected for his character and charitable contributions to his community. It is named for Hall of Fame outfielder Roberto Clemente, who was killed in a plane crash in 1972 while delivering supplies to victims of the Nicaragua earthquake. It was originally named the "Commissioner's Award" but was renamed after Clemente's untimely death.

Who did Roberto Clemente play for?

In MLB, Roberto Clemente played for but one team, the Pittsburgh Pirates between 1955-1972.

Who hit into most triple plays in major league baseball?

Brooks Robinson 4 (Hank Aaron 0)

What baseball player died in a plane crash and had 3000 career hits?

Roberto Clemente, a Puerto Rican baseball player, died in a plane crash on December 31, 1972. He achieved 3,000 career hits during his time in Major League Baseball. As a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates, Clemente was known for his exceptional talent and humanitarian work.

Did Roberto clemente go to elementary?

Yes. He went on to attend high school at Vizcarondo High School in Puerto Rico. He then joined an amateur Baseball league and went on to play in the pros.