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Yes Pele was a 17 year old youth then.

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Q: Was Pele the youngest on his first world cup team?
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Who is the youngest soccer player to play for his national team?

Pele. he was 16 when he first played for Brazil in the international cup.

Who was the winner of the FIFA World Cup in 1958?

Brazil won the 1958 FIFA World Cup, their first of five World Cups.The team featured a 17-year old Pele, who became the youngest player to play in the World Cup final and youngest World Cup winner.

What team did Pele do his first bicycle kick on?


Who is the first youngest team in nfl in 2011?

The New England Patriots are the youngest team.

For which country Pele the famous footballer play?

Pele played for Brazil. In his first game he became the youngest player to ever score for Brazil (and any other international team at the time) and when he retired he had earned 92 apps and scored a total of 77 goals.

How many World Cups did Pele win with the Brazilian Team?


Which outfield player is the only player to play in a world cup in a different kit than the rest of his team?


Who is the greatest World Cup player?

It is a matter of opinion. My choice is the great Pele as he is the only player in the world to win the world cup three times. it is not a matter of opinion. but it is Pele because he won his first world cup when he was in the age of seventeen in the team of Brazil

What does Pele do?

Pele is retired and living in Brazil. It was rumored that he was helping to train a New York team for the World Cup, but that is just a rumor.

Who is the only player to have won 3 World Cups with the team of Brazil?


Who played for three different national team in world cup?

It is the Brazilian Pele.

Was Pele team captain during world cup?

no,it was kim jong un

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