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Yes Ohio State was in the 1997 rose bowl, they won 20-17 against the Arizona state sun devils

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No ... UCLA defeated Michigan, 24-14, in the 1983 Rose Bowl.

Ohio State went to the Rose Bowl in 1980 and did not go again until 1985.

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Q: Was Ohio state in the 1983 Rose Bowl?
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Who did Ohio State beat in 1969 Rose Bowl?

Ohio State beat Southern California 27-16 in the 1969 Rose Bowl.

Was Ohio State in the Rose Bowl in 1978?

The 1978 Rose Bowl was between Michigan and Washington.

Will Ohio state go to a bowl?

yes, the rose bowl vs Oregon

Who won the Rose Bowl in 1997?

For the Pro Bowl played in 1997, Mark Brunell was the MVP.

Who play in the 1980 Rose Bowl?

USC and Ohio State

Who is Oregon playing in the 2010 Rose Bowl?

Ohio State.

What teams played in the 1976 Rose Bowl?

The 1976 Rose Bowl: UCLA 23 Ohio State 10

Who did Ohio State beat in the 1950 Rose Bowl?

Ohio State - 17 vs. California - 14

Who played the 2010 Rose Bowl game?

Ohio State and the Oregon Ducks. Ohio state won 26 to 17.

Which teams played in the 1971 Rose Bowl?

Stanford defeated Ohio State, 27-17, in the 1971 Rose Bowl.

Who played in the 1997 Rose Bowl?

Ohio State defeated Arizona State 20-17 in the 1997 Rose Bowl.

What teams played in the1969 Rose Bowl?

Ohio state and southern cal