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No, he was an assistant with the Dallas Cowboys between 1973-1981 before taking over as Chicago Bears head coach in 1982.

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Q: Was Mike Ditka an assistant coach for the 1980 Eagles?
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What NFL team did the legendary coach Mike Ditka work for?

The legendary coach Mike Ditka will be among the first to tell you he coached the legendary Chicago Bears in the mid 1980's, including a Super Bowl win.

Who was the Bears head coach in 1980?

Neill Armstrong was the Bears head coach in 1980. He coached the Bears between 1978-1981 and had a composite record of 30-34.

What is significant about Wild assistant coach Mike Ramsey?

He was on the 1980 USA Olympic Hockey Team

How long was spartan coach mark danantonio coaching?

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What three individuals have won a Super Bowl as a player an assistant coach and as a head coach?

1) Mike Ditka was a player on the Dallas Cowboys team that won Super Bowl VI and head coach of the Chicago Bears that won Super Bowl XX. 2) Tom Flores was a player on the Kansas City Chiefs that won Super Bowl IV and head coach of the Raiders that won Super Bowls XV and XVIII. 3) Tony Dungy was a player on the Pittsburgh Steelers that won Super Bowl XIII and head coach of the Indianapolis Colts that won Super Bowl XLI.

Is coach rex ryan father of quaterback matt ryan?

They are not related. Rex Ryan is the son of Buddy Ryan, a famous football coach who coached the Chicago Bears defense that won the Super Bowl under Mike Ditka in the mid 1980's.

How long was dick vermeil the head coach of the eagles?

7 seasons (1976-1982). His overall record with the Eagles was 54-47 and the Eagles made the playoffs four times (1978, 1979, 1980, 1981) and the Super Bowl once (Super Bowl XV losing to the Oakland Raiders).

In the year 1980 who was the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback who was the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1980?

Ron Jaworski

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Bronwyn Eagles was born in 1980.

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'Eagles Live' was released on November 7, 1980. It was released after the initial breakup of the band 'The Eagles' in July 1980 in order to fulfill a contract obligation.

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Eagles Live was created on 1980-11-07.

Who was the Walter Camp Coach of the Year in 1980?

In 1980, Vince Dooley of Georgia was the Walter Camp Coach of the Year.