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I have never seen any records indicating that he had a black belt, or had even studied karate.

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Q: Was Michael Jackson a black belt in karate?
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Did Michael Jackson know karate?

No he didn't, but he was given an honorary black belt as a gift.

Why is Santa so good at karate?

Santa is good at Karate because he has a "Black Belt". MERRY KICK-MAS!

Did Michael cera do his own karate in Scott pilgrim?

Yes, it´s Black Belt!

Is there a red belt before the black belt in karate?

It depends on the style of karate. In some styles there is a red belt before reaching Black Belt. In others the red belt represents as the 9th and 10th dan (black belt) in karate.

What color belt is Paris Jackson in karate?

before she had white belt but now she has yellow belt.

Did the singer songwriter Ricky Nelson have a black belt in karate?

No, he reached brown belt in karate. Then he studied Jeet Kine Do.

What color outfit is Michael Jackson wear on cover of thriller album?

On the album cover "Thriller" Michael Jackson wore a white suit, with a black zip up shirt and a black belt.

Who holds the highest degree in black belt karate?

There is one 10th degree black belt for each style of karate. There is usually at least one sensei that has a 10th degree black belt in each style

How old was Taylor lautner when he got his black belt in karate?

12Black belt

What is a second dan in karate?

It is the second level of black belt. A black belt with two stripes.

What karate belt does Jason statham have?

Taekwondo 6dan black belt

You are a wrestler and defeated a black belt in Karate does this entitle you to a black belt?

No. You have to earn the belts over time, even if you defeat a black belt.

How many days do you have to get a black belt in Karate?

It doesn't take a certain amount of days to get your black belt in karate. It all depend on you. It depends on how much you practice. There are people who get there black belt in 2 to 3 years. There are people who get there black belt in 5 to 6 years. It all depend on you.

What comes before a blackbelt in karate?

First Kyu is before black belt and in most styles of karate it is indicated with a brown belt which may have a stripe or two of black on it.

What the last belt in karate?

I think it is black.

What is the highest belt in karate?

Black belt is the highest. Though traditional Okinawa karate uses a red and white belt to indicate 7th and 8th degree black belt and solid red for 9th and 10th. Many American schools use the red belt as a kyu level below black belt.

How do you complete black belt karate?

you have to beat your sensei. and if you beat your sensei you will be ninja instead of black belt.

Is karate spelled with an upper case k?

In normal situations karate is a noun and would be lower case. However, when coupled with a specific style it becomes a proper noun. I study karate. He has a black belt in karate. I study Shido Kan Karate. He has black belt in Shitokan Karate.

What belt is before the black belt in karate at Canada?

the brown belt is before the black belt in allcountries.

Can girls do karate?

Girls can definetly do karate. As an example i do karate and i have received my black belt. Also my sempai and sensei are girls.

What is the stage before black belt in karate?

The brown belt is the stage immediately before the black belt grades in karate. There are two stages of brown belt, the first being brown with a white stripe (2nd Mon Kyu) and then a belt which is completely brown (1st Kyu).

Is there a golden black belt in karate?

I dont have it in my karate but it could be possible to have one in a diffrent one

Was Barbara Eden a karate backbelt?

Her Black Belt is in Judo and she also studied Jujitsu and Karate.

What are alex riders hobbies?

He has a black belt in karate.

Does Robert De Niro have a black belt of karate?