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Q: Was Manchester United ever relegated from Division 1 League If yes when?
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When was Manchester united relegated from premier league?

Manchester united have never been relegated from the premier league. in 1974 they were relegated from the old first division

Was Manchester United ever relegated from Premier League If yes when?

Manchester were never relegated from the premier league as it was formed in 1991. However they were relegated from the old 1st division in 1894, 1922, 1931, 1937 and 1974.

What is Manchester's worst season?

either 1958 or 1974 were manchester united got relegated to the second division

What division does Manchester United participate in?

The division that Manchester United participates in is the Premier League in England.

Have Manchester United ever been relegated?

They have never been relegated from the premier league ever since it started in 1992.

Who has won the premiership league cup fa cup and champions league and been relegated from the premier league?

Manchester United

When did Manchester United last finish outside of the top 6 in the league?

The year could be when they were relegated.

With which team did Cristiano Ronaldo get relegated from the premier league?

Christiano Ronaldo joined Manchester United from Sporting Lisbon , and as Manchester have never been relegated for many years so neither has Ronaldo been relegated.

Did Manchester United be relegated with Sir Alex Ferguson?

No, Manchester United did not get relegated under Sir Alex Ferguson. The lowest league position achieved under Ferguson was 13th (out of 20) in the 1989/90 season.

Who got relegated from premier league and won it the following season with a different club?

It could be Alan Smith, he got relegated with Leeds united and won it with Manchester United.

Which footballer was premier league champion then relegated the following season?

Raimond van der Gouw won the Premiership with Manchester United in 1999 and then relegated with West Ham United in 2000.

Players that have won the premier league and the champions league and got relegated from the premier league?

Andy cole Dwight yorke AndersonNicky Butt and Nwankwo Kanu.Andy Cole won the Champions League and Premier League with Manchester United but was never relegated from the Premier League.Nwankwo Kanu won the Champions League with Ajax and The Premiership with Arsenal before he got relegated from the Premiership while he was at West Bromich Albion.Nicky Butt won a Champions League medal with Manchester United and he won the Premier League with Manchester United, He was relegated whilst playing with Newcastle United.carrick, butt, teddy, berg, Irwin, kanu, yorke, greening, cole

Has Asernal been relegated in English league?

Amazingly, Arsenal is the only major team in the world to not get relegated in any forms. This fact is not known by many and people will thought that Manchester United has not been relegated before. However, Manchester has been relegated in the 75/76 season!

How long have man utd been in top flight football?

Manchester United have been in the top flight since 1975. They were relegated to the Football League Second Division at the end of the 1973-1974 season (Denis Law scored the goal that relegated them) but they returned to the First Division at the first attempt.

When did Manchester United get relegated last?

They went down to Division Two in 1974, just six years after winning the European Cup.

When was Manchester United relegated?

Manchester United were relegated to Division 2 at the end of the 1973/74 season. The result which finally sealed their fate was a 1:0 defeat at Old Trafford by local rivals Manchester City - the goal ironically being scored by ex Manchester United playerDenisLaw.He subsequently retired from football . Some people say he was devastated that is why he retired.

When was Manchester united promoted to division 1?

I think Manchester utd were always in the division 1, ever since the premier league started.

When did Birmingham City last beat Manchester United?

As of January 7, 2010, Birmingham City last beat Manchester United on November 10, 1978, by a score of 5 - 1. Birmingham City finished the season second bottom of the league, and were relegated to Division Two.

Who was captain of Manchester united when relegated in 1973?

George Graham

How many times Manchester united have been relegated?


Have Manchester United ever been relagated?

Yes they have. The most recent time was in 1974 from the Old Division one to division two. The goal that relegated them was scored by Denis Law who had moved the summer before to Manchester City.

What was man utd's average attendance for the 197475 season?

Manchester United's average league attendance for the 1974/1975 was 48,388. This was the season which was spent in the old division 2 having been relegated the year before.

What year did manchaster united get relegated?

Manchester United got relegated a number of times throughout the club's history, and spent a total of 22 seasons outside the top division since the English league was formed in 1892. They never fell below the second tier. United were relegated for the first time (as Newton Heath LYR FC) in 1894/5 and returned to the top division in 1905/6 (as Manchester United FC). They were then relegated again in 1921/2 and returned in 1924/5. Relegated in 1930/1 and returned in 1935/6 only to be relegated again the season after that (1937/6). United then returned immediately to the top division and remained there throughout Sir Matt Busby's years at the club (1946-1970). United were relegated again shortly after Busby's retirement, in the 1973/4 season. In their season in the second division United set numerous records including crowd attendance records and scoring records, and were champions of the second division. They returned to the top flight for the 1975/6 season and have been in the top flight since.

Has Manchester United FC ever been relegated?

Yes most recently in 1974.They were promoted back the following season as second division champions.They have also been relegated in 1936/37 season....

What teams where in the first premier league?

In no particular order, Liverpool; Sheffield United; Sheffield Wednesday; Nottingham Forest (relegated); Oldham Athletic; Norwich City; Manchester City; Manchester United (league champions that season); Leeds United; Everton; Blackburn Rovers; Middlesbrough (relegated); Aston Villa; Arsenal; Chelsea; Tottenham Hotspur; Queens Park Rangers; Wimbledon; Coventry City; Ipswich Town; Crystal Palace (relegated); Southampton