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Yes Jim Carroll was in the movie "Basketball Diaries". There is a part in the movie where Dicaprio is talking and doing heroin with a junkie who is telling him a story about getting high. The man that is talking to Dicaprio is Jim Carroll.

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Q: Was Jim Carroll in the movie basketball diaries?
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Punk musician Jim Carroll wrote the novel?

the basketball diaries

Is Leonardo DiCaprio in the film called The Basketball Diaries?

Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio is in the film The Basketball Diaries. He plays the character called Jim Carroll.

What do you think about The Basketball Diaries?

Some people really like it and others do not. Here are opinions: I hate it and I hate the actor who played Jim Carroll.

What are some movies that pertain to addiction and its recovery?

The Basketball Diaries, starring Leonardo Dicaprio as the heroin-addicted poet Jim Carroll, is an excellent one.

What is Jim Carroll's main profession?

Jim Carroll's main profession was that of author. Although it must be said that he was poet and a punk musician of note, best known for his autobiographical work titled, The Basketball Diaries. Carroll passed away in 2009 in his manhattan home of an apparent heart attack.

What movie and television projects has Jim Carroll been in?

Jim Carroll has: Played himself in "Poetry in Motion" in 1982. Played Hupar in "Listen to the City" in 1984. Played himself in "Tuff Turf" in 1985. Played himself in "Gang of Souls: A Generation of Beat Poets" in 1989. Played Frankie Pinewater in "The Basketball Diaries" in 1995. Performed in "The Third Mind" in 2000. Played himself in "Obscene" in 2007.

What is Jim Carroll's birthday?

Jim Carroll was born on August 1, 1950.

When was Jim Carroll born?

Jim Carroll was born on August 1, 1950.

When was Jim Carroll - journalist - born?

Jim Carroll - journalist - was born in 1968.

When did Jim Carroll die?

Jim Carroll died on 2009-09-11.

When did Jim Bradley - basketball - die?

Jim Bradley - basketball - died in 1982.

When was Jim White - basketball - born?

Jim White - basketball - was born in 1920.