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Q: Was Hank Aaron in any tv commercials?
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Did Elvis have any commercials?

During Elvis' career, he never did any TV commercials.

Does aeropostale do tv commercials?

I belive they don't i have not seen any

How many commercials has Peyton Manning been in?

Too freaking many. Hey Payton, take a page from Tom Brady... less time on TV, more time winning Superbowls.

What day of the week and what time of day did Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run?

Hank Aaron hit home run number 715 on Monday, April 8, 1974 before a prime-time television audience. Aaron homered in the bottom of the fourth inning off Dodgers pitcher Al Downing to break Babe Ruth's career home run record.

Does colbie caillat sing in any tv commercials?

Yes, she sings Brighter Than The Sun which is featured in commercials for the movie "The Help".

Is Gary Cervantes in any hallmark commercials?

I'm not aware of any Hallmark commercials featuring Gary Cervantes. Gary Cervantes is known for his acting work in film and television, and he may have appeared in various commercials, but not specifically for Hallmark.

What software do you use to edit out commercials from tv shows?

If I understand your question correctly, you are looking for a program to remove unwanted ads from videos. For this purpose, the program Video Splitter from Solveig Multimedia is excellent, among the many functions in this video editor is the removal of advertising. If you need to edit directly advertising video, this program can also cope with this task.

How do TV commercials make any money?

TV commercials make money through advertising. Companies pay TV networks to air their commercials during popular shows or time slots. The more viewers a TV show or time slot has, the more money the TV network can charge for advertising. Additionally, companies may pay extra for prime advertising spots during highly anticipated events, such as the Super Bowl.

Why do some baseball bats have black stripes around them?

Hank Aaron agreed to use bats made by Adirondack, the company put a stripe on it so they could tell he was using it from the stands, or watching TV.

Was there a littlest petshop television series?

I don't think there was a TV show before just commercials. i wish there was but there isn't any TV shows:(

Why do HD TVs have lots of commercials?

The channels are still the same so they shouldn't have any more or less adds then an normal TV.

Can you legally make a video of TV commercials and sell it?

No. Commercials are copyrighted materials.