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He is the only player in the history of NCAA Division I-A football to win the Heisman Trophy as a primarily defensive player. (Wikipedia)

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Q: Was Charles woodson a Heisman trophey winner?
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Who was Michigan's last Heisman Trophy winner?

Charles Woodson

Oldest Heisman Trophy winner still playing in the NFL?

Charles woodson

Who were the lsu tigers Heisman trophey winners?

LSU has had one Heisman winner ... HB Billy Cannon in 1959.

Who was the last Heisman Trophy Winner from a school where there was a President graduate?

Charles Woodson, U of Michigan 1997. President Gerald Ford.

Is Reggie bush a Heisman trophey winner?

Yes, Reggie Bush is a Heisman Trophy winner. As a runningback with the University of Southern California Spartans, this current New Orleans Saints runningback and kick returner, won the Heisman Trophy in his senior year which was 2005.

Who was the winner of the Heisman Trophy in 1979?

Charles White

How many defensive players have won the Heisman Trophy?

Larry Kelley, the 1936 winner from Yale, played on defense during his college days but was much better known for his pass receiving ability. Leon Hart, the 1948 winner from Notre Dame, also played on both sides. The only player that was strictly a defensive player that won the Heisman was cornerback Charles Woodson, the 1997 winner from Michigan. Click on the 'Heisman Trophy Winners' link on this page to view all of the winners starting from 1935. Actually Woodson wasn't the just a defensive player he won the award mainly because of his punt and kick returning granted he was a great corner but that wasn't enough for him to win the fact he was a great return man gave him the heisman

Who was the last WR to win a Heisman?

The last pure wide receiver to win the Heisman Trophy was Desmond Howard of the University of Michigan in 1991. But Charles Woodson, the 1997 winner who also played at Michigan, was a cornerback and punt returner who occasionally lined up on offense as a receiver.

How many Heisman Winners have won a Super Bowl Championship?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, 8: 1) Paul Hornung, 1956 Heisman winner, with the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl I. 2) Roger Staubach, 1963 Heisman winner, with the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowls VI and XII. 3) Mike Garrett, 1965 Heisman winner, with the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl IV. 4) Jim Plunkett, 1970 Heisman winner, with the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XV and the Los Angeles Raiders in Super Bowl XVIII. 5) Tony Dorsett, 1976 Heisman winner, with the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl XII. 6) George Rogers, 1980 Heisman winner, with the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XXII. 7) Marcus Allen, 1981 Heisman winner, with the Los Angeles Raiders in Super Bowl XVIII. 8) Desmond Howard, 1991 Heisman winner, with the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XXXI. 9) Charles Woodson, 1997 Heisman winner, with the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV

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When is Heisman Trophy winner notified?

at the Heisman Award Ceremony

How much money do Heisman Trophy winner make?

how much money does heisman trophy winner recieve

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