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Q: Was Cathy Freeman in the commonwealth games team?
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When Cathy was 16 where were the commonwealth games held?

Cathy Freeman was sixteen years old when she competed at the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games, where she was a member of the victorious 4x100m relay team.

What was the name of the first Commonwealth Game Cathy went to?

Cathy Freeman first participated at the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games, where at the ripe age of 16 she was a member of the victorious 4x100m relay team. With the victory, she became the first Aboriginal Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist.

How many teams are in the commonwealth games?

1 team is in the commonwealth games

How did Cathy Freeman get on the Australian team?

By excelling in sport to the extent of being worthy of selection.

Who was the first aboriginal sprinter to win commonwealth gold?

Catherine Astrid Salome Freeman, OAM (known as Cathy Freeman) (born 16 February 1973) is an Australian sprinter. She became the Olympic champion for 400 m in the 2000 Sydney games, at which she lit the Olympic Flame. Freeman was born in Slade Point, Mackay, Queensland, where the local athletics track is named after her. Cathy won her first gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in the 4x100m team in Auckland in 1990. She followed this up with two individual golds (200m & 400m) in 1994 in Victoria along with a silver in the 4x100m. Her final Commonwealth medal came in 2002 in Manchester where she won gold in the 4x400m

What were first team sports at the Commonwealth Games?

The first-ever Team Sports at the Commonwealth Games were Rowing, Athletics and Swimming

How many in the Brunei team commonwealth games?

Only 12 people are in the Brunei Commonwealth Games Team... They are only competing in lawn bowling

Which team won gold in netball at the Commonwealth Games?

Australia won the Netball competition at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Who is in the cricket team for 2010 commonwealth games?


How to get into the commonwealth games?

You need to be a citizen of a commonwealth country and then qualify to participate in your national team

How many medals did Cathy Freeman win?

Cathy Freeman won two medals in the Olympic Games, Silver at the 1996 Games in 400 meter run and Gold at the 2000 Games in 400 meter run.She also won 2 Gold and 1 Bronze at the World Championships of 1995, 97 and 99 - all involving 400m; and 4 Gold and 1 Silver at the Commonwealth Games over different years.Although Cathy eventually specialized in the 400 meter sprint, her early successes were in the shorter sprints - her first Gold medal coming as a member of the Australian team that won the 4 X 100m at the Commonwealth Games of 1990. At 'the Commonwealth' in 1994, she also won Golds in the 200m and 400m sprints and teamed to win Silver in the 4 X 100m relay. She missed the next Games in 1998 due to injury, but had won Silver in the 400m sprint at the previous 1996 Olympic Games and then won Gold at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Her final Gold was at the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games, where she won Gold in the 4 X 400m relay and announced her retirement in 2004.In total, Cathy Freeman won 7 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze, making a total of 10 medals in these major championships.

What year were team sports introduced to the commonwealth games?


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