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Q: Was Balto the one to make the iditarod?
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What is the name of the race in memory of balto?

the iditarod race is the race in memory of balto

What event does it commemorate in the Iditarod?

It commemorate the trip that Balto took in the great syrum run.

What event does the Iditarod Dog race commemorate?

The dog race commemorates the trip Balto took.

Who is Balto and what heroic thing did he do?

Balto was a Siberian husky sled dog that led is team in delivering the anti-toxin for diphtheria from Anchorage to Nome and he used the Iditarod trail.

What famous dog helped bring medicine to Alaska during an out break of diphtheria?

The lead sled dog of the final segment of that trip was Balto, a jet black Siberian Husky. That event is memorialized by the annual Iditarod dog Sled race. Balto died of old age at 14. GOOD dog, Balto!

What happened in the 1925 Iditarod?

Something historic happened

What type of personalities do Siberian huskeys have?

all huskeys are very friendly and loving. that is one of the reasons they race in the iditarod, because they are always loyal. Balto, a famous dog in the serum run, has a great story, check it out.

Movie titles based on the Iditarod race?

Some movies that are based on the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race are Iron Will, Mush: The Movie, and the animated movie Balto. There have also been some TV movies based on the races including the 2012 TV movie The Iditarod : Beyond the Race and the 2000 TV movie Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

Why was the iditarod started?

To commemerate the serem run to Alaska with Balto AND Togo. This race honors those dogs and all the people involed in saving Nome from Diptheria.

Are they going to make more balto movies?


Is there really a balto?

Balto was the lead dog for the last team of dogs to carry the Diptheria medication to Nome, in real life. Not a wolf-dog. And there was more than one team. From the movie Balto, Balto is the only actual real character.

What is a Balto-Slav?

A Balto-Slav is a person who is a speaker of a Balto-Slavic language or dialect.