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No. An article in the Washington Post stated "Redskins draft pick Bacarri Rambo didn't always have a super awesome name. His mother's maiden name was Fudge, so he was born Bacarri Fudge. But when Rambo was in grade school, his parents legally changed his last name to match his father, Danny Rambo.".

The article went on to quote Bacarri as saying ""When I was an infant, my mom used to always give me cough drops, because I always used to cry. So I'd get cough drops, and I'd suck on them and my eyes, they'd say I'd look like Mr. Magoo, the cartoon character, because my eyes would get big," Rambo said. "So I'd look like Mr. Magoo, the cartoon character, then it went from Mr. Magoo, to Magoo, then everyone started calling me 'Goo.'"".

Goo was a nickname and not a legal name.

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Q: Was Bacarri Rambo's legal name actually Goo Fudge at one point?
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