Was Alison King In Footballers Wives?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: Was Alison King In Footballers Wives?
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When was Footballers' Wives created?

Footballers' Wives was created on 2002-01-08.

When did Footballers' Wives end?

Footballers' Wives ended on 2006-04-14.

Was Cheryl Cole in footballers wives?

no footballers wives isn't real, its a tv show. cheryl really is married to a footballer (Ashley cole)

What does wags mean for footballers?

It means 'Wives and Girlfriends'.

What is the duration of Football Wives?

The duration of Footballers' Wives is 2640.0 seconds.

Who killed Jason on footballers wives?

Kyle's girlfriend Chardonnay killed him..

What actors and actresses appeared in Real Footballers Wives - 2003?

The cast of Real Footballers Wives - 2003 includes: Leilani Dowding as herself Mariana Le Saux as herself Suzie Walker as herself

Why was the character Donna dropped from Footballers Wives after the 2nd series?

she was kicked of the show?

Where does alison king live?

Alison King lives in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

WHO WAS THE Actor in the bill and footballers wives?

BEN RICHARDS...only because we saw him on the tube!!

Why are raccoons attracted to shiny objects?

the same reason footballers wives are- they're dumb

Who are the stars of Footballers' Wives?

The stars of Footballer' Wifes include Marcel McCalla, Alison Newman, Phina Oruche, Jay Rodan, Peter Ash, Joan Collins, Julie Le Grand, Chucky Vinice, Ben Price, Daniel Schitzman, and Laila Rouass.