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This list of NHL Arena ages was composed in 2004:

Franchise Year Age of
Stadium Stadium

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim* 1994 10
Atlanta Thrashers * 2000 4
Boston Bruins 1996 8
Buffalo Sabres 1997 7
Calgary Flames 1983 21
Carolina Hurricanes 2000 4
Col. Blue Jackets * 1983 21
Chicago Blackhawks 1995 9
Colorado Avalanche 2000 4
Dallas Stars 2002 2
Detroit Red Wings 1980 24
Edmonton Oilers 1975 29
Florida Panthers * 1999 5
Los Angeles Kings 2000 4
Minnesota Wild * 2001 3
Montreal Canadiens 1997 7
Nashville Predators * 1997 7
New Jersey Devils 1982 22
New York Islanders 1973 31
New York Rangers 1969 35
Philadelphia Flyers 1997 7
Phoenix Coyotes 2004 0
Pittsburgh Penguins 1962 42
San Jose Sharks * 1994 10
St Louis Blues 1995 9
Tampa Bay Lightning * 1997 7
Toronto Maple Leafs 2000 4
Vancouver Canucks 1996 8
Washington Capitals 1998 6

Average 11.9
Average Excluding Expansion Teams 13.5

* New Team Since 1991

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Q: Want to see a list of all 30 NHL arenas from oldest to youngest?
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